This Raging Light

by Estelle Laure

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Book cover for This Raging Light

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Seventeen-year-old Lucille is struggling to get through each day, paying bills and looking after her little sister, Wren, while her father is institutionalized after a breakdown and her mother is "on vacation," but nothing else seems to matter when she is with Digby Jones, her best friend's twin brother.
  • ISBN10 0606389121
  • ISBN13 9780606389129
  • Publish Date 7 March 2017 (first published 22 December 2015)
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Out of Print 5 October 2021
  • Imprint Turtleback Books
  • Edition Bound for Schools & Libraries ed.
  • Format Hardcover (Library Binding)
  • Pages 288
  • Language English