Cover of Bridge of Souls

#1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Schwab invites readers to New Orleans in this instalment of her thrillingly spooky City of Ghosts series! Where there are ghosts, Cassidy Blake follows ... unless it's the other way around? Cass might have this ghost hunting thing down. After all, she and her ghost best friend Jacob have survived two haunted cities while travelling for her parents' TV show. But nothing can prepare Ca...

Cover of Egghead

Egghead by Caroline Pignat

Published 16 November 2007

Young Adult

Cover of Chasing Red

Chasing Red (Red, #1) by Isabelle Ronin

Published 5 September 2017

Young Adult

He had everythingwealth, adoration, a brilliant future. Until one chance encounter changed everything. The moment Caleb Lockhart spotted the mysterious woman in her siren red dress, he couldn't tear his eyes away. For the first time in his life, he wanted something. Something he knew he could never have. The unforgettable stranger he dubs RED.

Cover of After the Shot Drops

After the Shot Drops by Randy Ribay

Published 6 March 2018

Young Adult

Bunny and Nasir have been best friends forever, but when Bunny accepts an athletic scholarship across town, Nasir feels betrayed. While Bunny tries to fit in with his new, privileged peers, Nasir spends more time with his cousin, Wallace, who is being evicted. Nasir can't help but wonder why the neighborhood is falling over itself to help Bunny when Wallace is in trouble. When Wallace makes a bet against Bunny, Nasir is faced with an impossible decision - maybe a dangerous one. Told from alter...

Cover of A Step Away

A Step Away by G Randy Kasten

Published 31 January 2019

Young Adult

Cover of Who I Was with Her

Who I Was with Her by Nita Tyndall

Published 15 September 2020

Young Adult

"A beautiful, poised, and thought-provoking debut about love, loss, coming out, and discovering living life on your own terms." -New York Times bestselling author Kathleen Glasgow There are two things that Corinne Parker knows to be true: that she is in love with Maggie Bailey, the captain of the rival high school's cross-country team and her secret girlfriend of a year, and that she isn't ready for anyone to know she's bisexual. But then Maggie dies, and Corinne quickly learns that the only t...

Cover of Back in the Saddle

When Stevie Lake becomes a reporter for the school newspaper, her first assignment is to write about the junior course on marriage.

Cover of Western Wind

Western Wind by Paula Fox

Published 1 October 1993


Twelve-year-old Elizabeth resents being sent to stay on a small Maine island after the arrival of her new baby brother, but the time she spends with her artist grandmother and an unusual young neighbor help her to see things differently.

Cover of Grape Bubblegum

Grape Bubblegum by Beth Bowland

Published 4 June 2017

Young Adult

Cover of Wired Man and Other Freaks of Nature

Wired Man and Other Freaks of Nature by Sashi Kaufman

Published 1 September 2016

Young Adult

Cover of No Holding Back

Everyone knows that Nathan is in love with his best friend, Preston...Everyone except Preston. Nathan has always accepted that Preston was too focused on his swim training to worry about love. But Preston is heading off to train for the Olympics soon, so if Nathan wants his chance at love, he has to speak up now. But saying "I love you" is surprisingly difficult, even for someone as confident as Nathan. Maybe a whirlwind vacation in Europe could help? But . . . what if it doesn't work out and he...

Cover of Akata Witch

Akata Witch (Akata Witch, #1) by Nnedi Okorafor

Published 1 April 2011

Young Adult

Affectionately dubbed "the Nigerian Harry Potter," Akata Witch weaves together a heart-pounding tale of magic, mystery, and finding one's place in the world.Twelve-year-old Sunny lives in Nigeria, but she was born American. Her features are African, but she's albino. She's a terrific athlete, but can't go out into the sun to play soccer. There seems to be no place where she fits in. And then she discovers something amazing--she is a "free agent" with latent magical power. Soon she's part of a qu...

Cover of Lisa, Bright and Dark

Lisa, Bright and Dark (Signet) by John Neufeld

Published 1 November 1970

Young Adult

Hailed as a "work of art" by the New York Times, this bestselling classic brings a deft touch and understanding spirit to the story of a teenage girl's descent into madness-and the three friends who are determined to walk with her where adults fear to tread.

Cover of Pajama Party

Pajama Party by E C Jackson

Published 30 September 2017

Young Adult

Cover of The Fragile Ordinary

The Fragile Ordinary by Samantha Young

Published 26 June 2018

Young Adult

"I am Comet Caldwell. And I sort of, kind of, absolutely hate my name. People expect extraordinary things from a girl named Comet. That she'll be effortlessly cool and light up a room the way a comet blazes across the sky. But from the shyness that makes her book-character friends more appealing than real people to the parents whose indifference hurts more than an open wound, Comet has never wanted to be the center of attention. She can't wait to graduate from her high school in Edinburgh, Scotl...

Cover of The Schwa Was Here

The Schwa Was Here by Neal Shusterman

Published 21 October 2004


A Brooklyn eighth-grader nicknamed Antsy befriends the Schwa, an "invisible-ish" boy who is tired of blending into his surroundings and going unnoticed by nearly everyone.

Cover of Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers by Colleen Nelson

Published 4 February 2017

Young Adult

A Winnipeg Free Press Bestseller! * In the Margins Book Award, Top Ten Selection * CCBC's Best Books for Kids & Teens (Fall 2017) Selection Close as brothers, Jakub's and Lincoln's lives diverge when Jakub gets a private school scholarship and Lincoln is lured into a gang. Fifteen-year-old Jakub Kaminsky is the son of Polish immigrants, a good Catholic boy, and a graffiti artist. While his father sleeps, Jakub and his best friend, Lincoln, sneak out with spray paint to make their mark as Mor...

Cover of Sadia

Sadia by Colleen Nelson

Published 3 February 2018

Young Adult

Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book Award - Winner, Young Adult * High Plains Book Award - Winner, Young Adult * Red Maple Fiction Award - Shortlisted * Snow Willow Award - Shortlisted Sadia wishes life in high school was as straightforward as a game of basketball. Fifteen-year-old Sadia Ahmadi is passionate about one thing: basketball. Her best friend Mariam, on the other hand, wants to get noticed by the popular crowd and has started de-jabbing, removing her hijab, at school every mor...