Cover of Losing Brave

Losing Brave by Bailee Madison and Stefne Miller

Published 24 January 2018

Young Adult

Payton Brave's twin sister, Dylan, has been missing for more than a year. So has Payton's memory. Amid the turmoil of her sister's disappearance, Payton feels lost as the one left behind. Her mental state wrought and reckless, she tumbles from the graces of popularity to the outskirts of high school society, where she attracts a rag-tag group of friends-and a troubling romance with her sister's boyfriend, Cole. Though Payton remembers nothing of the day Dylan disappeared, she must pry into her...

Cover of The Sister Pact

The Sister Pact by Stacie Ramey

Published 3 November 2015

Young Adult

Cover of Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index

Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index by Julie Israel

Published 30 May 2017

Young Adult

After finding a break-up letter written by her older sister on the day she died, sixteen-year-old Juniper Lemon becomes determined to find the recipient--only identified as "you"--and in the process uncovers other notes and secrets that demand her attention.

Cover of Iceling

Iceling by Sasha Stephenson

Published 13 December 2016

Young Adult

Lorna's adopted sister, Callie, is part of a mysterious group of non-lingual teens, Icelings, born on a remote Arctic island, who may not be entirely human. Now Callie wants to go home, in a YA novel that's perfect for fans of Under the Never Sky and The Darkest Minds. Seventeen-year-old Lorna loves her adoptive sister, Callie. But Callie can't say "I love you" back. In fact, Callie can't I say anything at all. Because Callie is an Iceling--one of hundreds of teens who were discovered sixteen ye...

Cover of Dawn of Legends

AS HUMANS AND MONSTERS CLASH AND ROYAL BLOOD FLOWS, A NEW AGE WILL DAWN…Prince Alexander of Macedon has battled both men and monsters, but his final war will determine his fate…and the future of all mankind. While Macedon’s enemies close in from all corners of the earth, Alexander must fulfill one last prophecy that dictates only he—and he alone—can ensure humanity’s survival against the age of the deadly Spirit Eaters.As the threads of fate draw Alexander closer to his destiny, an exiled queen...

Cover of Rules of Rain

Rules of Rain by Leah Scheier

Published 15 November 2017

Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Rain strives to maintain a calm environment for her autistic twin brother Ethan, but her role as his reliable anchor faces uncertainty when Ethan seeks to become more independent and Rain ventures out of her comfort zone and starts dating her school crush, Liam.

Cover of Identical

Identical by Ellen Hopkins

Published 26 August 2008

Young Adult

Do twins begin in the womb? Or in a better place? Kaeleigh and Raeanne are identical down to the dimple. As daughters of a district-court judge father and a politician mother, they are an all-American family -- on the surface. Behind the facade each sister has her own dark secret, and that's where their differences begin. For Kaeleigh, she's the misplaced focus of Daddy's love, intended for a mother whose presence on the campaign trail means absence at home. All that Raeanne sees is...

Cover of Ascendent

Ascendent by A Crowley

Published 25 June 2017

Young Adult

Cover of The Social Code

The Social Code (Start-Up, #1) by Sadie Hayes

Published 3 September 2013

Young Adult

Eighteen-year-old twins Adam and Amelia Dory have been bounced around foster homes for as long as they can remember, relying only on each other. But their lives change dramatically when they start out as freshmen at Stanford University. They are suddenly introduced to the dazzling world of Silicon Valley, where any person with a good enough idea can skyrocket to money, power and fame...Amelia is almost as pretty as she is smart-not that she notices or cares much about either. She has always been...

Cover of Blood for Blood

Blood for Blood (Wolf by Wolf, #2) by Ryan Graudin

Published 6 October 2016

Young Adult

The thrilling conclusion to Ryan Graudin's Carnegie Medal 2017 nominated alternative history and fantasy epic, WOLF BY WOLF. In 1950s Germany, the war may be over, but the fight has just begun . . .There would be blood. Blood for blood. Blood to pay. An entire world of it. With their mission to overthrow the Nazis in danger, Yael and the resistance are ready to fight. Forced to run, life in the shadows for Yael, Luka and Felix isn't easy, especially when their enemy seems to know their every mov...

Cover of The Complete History of Why I Hate Her

Nola wants nothing more than a summer on her own-and a job at an upscale Maine coast resort sounds ideal. She'll have plenty of beach time between waitressing, some freedom from stresses back home, and the chance to make new friends. Enter Carly, the perfect pal: full of jokes, ideas, energy-and experienced at being away from her mysterious family. But Carly turns out to be much more complicated than the standard summer buddy-her borderline personality can turn on Nola in a flash, and even love...

Cover of A World Without You

A World Without You by Beth Revis

Published 1 August 2016

Young Adult

Seventeen year old Bo has always had delusions that he can travel through time. When he was ten, Bo claimed to have witnessed the Titanic hit an iceberg, and at fifteen, he found himself on a Civil War battlefield, horrified by the bodies surrounding him. So when his concerned parents send him to a school for troubled youth, Bo assumes he knows the truth: that he's actually attending Berkshire Academy, a school for kids who, like Bo, have 'superpowers.' At Berkshire, Bo falls in love with Sofia,...

Cover of Skate

Skate by Michael Harmon

Published 10 October 2006

Young Adult

Facing a disintegrating home life and trouble at school, teenager Ian McDermott runs away with his younger brother to Washington State in search of safety, justice, and their long-absent father.

Cover of The Comic Book War

The Comic Book War by Jacqueline Guest

Published 1 May 2014

Young Adult

Cover of I Will See You Again

I Will See You Again

Published 25 February 2020

Young Adult

Cover of Judson William : Cold River

Two children struggle to survive alone in the Adirondack mountains in this riveting story for “adventure lovers of all ages”(Columbus Dispatch). “What I want to tell you is about Timothy and me, about that time in 1921, when we were lost for three months in the northern Adirondack Mountains, in the dead of winter...”    Young Lizzy Allison and her brother Timothy are left frightened and alone when their father dies in the frozen Adirondacks. Battling the untamed perils of nature, withstanding...

Cover of Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising by Cynthia D Grant

Published 1 April 1991

Young Adult

Cover of Triskellion

Triskellion (Triskellion, #1) by Will Peterson

Published 4 February 2008


In an unwelcoming English village, two young outsiders are swept up in an archaeological mystery that ends in a startling paranormal twist. A sense of foreboding sets in the moment fourteen-year-old twins Rachel and Adam arrive from New York to visit their English grandmother. The station is empty, village streets are deserted, locals are hostile, and even their frail Granny Root is oddly distant. And what about the bees that appear to follow a mysterious force? It all seems tied up with the Tr...

Cover of Six-Month Horse

Six-Month Horse (Island, #0) by Tudor Robins

Published 30 August 2018

Young Adult