Cover of Chemistry Lessons

Chemistry Lessons by Meredith Goldstein

Published 19 June 2018

Young Adult

Cover of The Me You Never Knew

The Me You Never Knew by Carolyn Mackler

Published 6 April 2021

Young Adult

Cover of Wonderland

Wonderland by Joanna Nadin

Published 3 August 2009

Young Adult

When your best friend can't live without you... A psychological thriller from the bestselling author of Rachel Riley.Jude must get away. She has to ace her exams and an audition at a prestigious drama school or she'll never escape her small town life and follow her dream of becoming an actor. But then her best friend Stella returns, bringing excitement and danger to Jude's dull existence. For the first time, she can be who she wants to be. But as her life spirals out of control, Jude uncovers a...

Cover of More Than Good Enough

More Than Good Enough by Crissa-Jean Chappell

Published 8 January 2014

Young Adult

Half native. Half white. One hundred percent nothing. My mom doesn't want me. My dad just got out of jail. They want me to go live with him on the reservation, in the Everglades. Trouble is, everybody there just ignores me. At least I get to work with Pippa on my film project at school. We used to be friends when we were like twelve. Now that we're hanging out again it's like old times--except she's way cuter. The thing is, I don't belong anywhere. I don't fit in on the rez, and I suck at school...

Cover of How to Live on the Edge

How to Live on the Edge by Sarah Lynn Scheerger

Published 1 August 2020

Young Adult

Cover of Mermaid Moon

Mermaid Moon by Susann Cokal

Published 3 March 2020

Young Adult

An award-winning author tells of a mermaid who leaves the sea in search of her landish mother in a captivating tale spun with beautiful prose, lush descriptions, empathy, and keen wit. Blood calls to blood; charm calls to charm. It is the way of the world. Come close and tell us your dreams. Sanna is a mermaid — but she is only half seavish. The night of her birth, a sea-witch cast a spell that made Sanna’s people, including her landish mother, forget how and where she was born. Now Sanna is...

Cover of As You Wish

As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti

Published 15 December 2017

Young Adult

In Madison, a small town in the Mojave Desert, everyone gets one wish that will come true on his or her eighteenth birthday, and Eldon takes his very seriously.

Cover of No Going Back

No Going Back by Alex Gutteridge

Published 3 July 2014


Fifteen-year-old Laura gets the shock of her life when she moves to rural Derbyshire and finds the ghost of her dead father in her grandmother's home. At first Laura is overjoyed to see him, but as time passes she begins to wonder why her dad is finding it so difficult to move on, and why her mother still refuses to talk about his death. What is the secret that has been kept from her for all these years?

Cover of Twisted

Twisted by Hannah Jayne

Published 5 July 2016

Young Adult

Bex is ready to start a new life in foster care. There, she won't be known as a serial killer's daughter. Though her father was never tried for the murders attributed to "The Wife Collector," he disappeared after questioning. And Bex struggles with the guilt that she provided the circumstantial evidence that convicted him in the public's perception and drove him to abandon her.

Cover of The Gift

A boy with psychic powers struggles to save his loved ones When Davy's mother deserts their family, Davy's father packs his children into a rickety old car and takes them on a vacation. They drive to their mysterious old grandparents' house in the sprawling Welsh countryside, a place so rural that running water is a novelty. It is there that Davy learns he has the gift. He has always seen the pictures-images in his head that tell of the future or the past-but his grandmother explains that the...

Cover of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

Margaret Simon, almost twelve, likes long hair, tuna fish, the smell of rain, and things that are pin. She's just moved from New York City to the suburbs, and she's anxious to fit in with her new friends, so when they form a secret club to talk about boys, bras, and getting their first periods, Margaret is happy to belong. But none of them can believe Margaret doesn't have a religion. And Margaret can't tell them the truth: that she can talk to God anyway, about everything that's on her mind--in...

Cover of Meg at Sixteen

Meg's sheltered life with her wealthy aunt changes after meeting Nick Sebastian at her sixteenth birthday party.

Cover of The Things We Don't See

The Things We Don't See by Savannah Brown

Published 1 April 2021

Young Adult

"The year is 1987 and the sleepy village of Sandown Bay is waking up . . ."To its residents, Sandown is home - a tiny village holiday resort in the western United States.To everyone else, it's a minuscule island, that brings tourists in summer and not a lot else the rest of the time.To Mona Perry, it's a mystery.Thirty-four years ago, promising singer and Sandown resident Roxy Raines went missing, and was never found. The people of the island are still reluctant to talk about it, claiming Roxy w...

Cover of They Never Came Back

They Never Came Back by Caroline B. Cooney

Published 12 January 2010

Young Adult

When fifteen-year-old Cathy decides to carpool from Norwalk to tony Greenwich, Connecticut, to study Latin in summer school, she does not expect the shocking events that occured five years earlier to suddenly come flooding back into her relatively settled life.

Cover of Trell: Nothing But the Truth

Trell: Nothing But the Truth by Dick Lehr

Published 9 April 2019

Young Adult

“Trell is an appealingly gutsy heroine whose belief in her father is strong enough to drag an attorney and a down-on-his-luck journalist into her orbit.” — School Library Journal On a hot summer night in Boston in the late 1980s, a twelve-year-old African-American girl was sitting on a mailbox talking with her friends when she became the innocent victim of gang-related gunfire. An immediate manhunt was on to catch the murderer, and a young African-American man was quickly apprehended, charged,...

Cover of Heat

Heat by Michael Cadnum

Published 27 August 1998


"You had an accident", Miss P. was saying, her hands on my shoulders so I couldn't climb to my feet."You hit your head". The diving platform is thirty-three feet up, higher than a third story balcony. Expert at the most breathtaking dives, Bonnie Chamberlain captures the best scores in every heat, and she is bound for Olympic trials. She has never felt fear -- until now. One slip, one inexplicable mistake, and it's all over. Or is it? Determined to compete, Bonnie forces herself back into her...

Cover of Over the River

Over the River by Sharelle Byars Moranville

Published 11 October 2002


In 1947, after the war, Willa Mae's father returns to the Illinois town where she has lived with her maternal grandparents for the last five of her eleven years, and Willa Mae finds herself struggling to understand old family tensions and secrets.

Cover of Georgia Rules

Georgia Rules by Nanci Turner Steveson

Published 24 April 2017


A Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Book of the YearPerfect for fans of One for the Murphys and The Penderwicks, this poignant and moving middle grade novel tells the story of a girl who moves to a new town and meets an unforgettable family--one that will change her and her mother's lives forever.Magnolia Grace never wanted to leave Georgia. She never wanted to move with her mama to the farm her daddy owned before he died. But now here she is, in a tiny Vermont town where everybod...

Cover of Girl Out of Water

Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman

Published 2 May 2017

Young Adult

Anise cant wait to spend the summer before her senior year surfing and hanging out on the beach with friends. But when her aunt, a single mother, is in a serious car accident, Anise must say goodbye to California to help care for her three young cousins. Landlocked Nebraska is the last place Anise wants to be. Sure, she loves her family, but its hard to put her past behind her when she is living in the childhood house of her runaway mother, who has dropped in and out of her life since birth. The...

Cover of Bleeding Violet

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

Published 5 January 2010


A mentally ill sixteen-year-old girl reunites with her estranged mother in an East Texas town that is haunted with doors to dimensions of the dead and protected by demon hunters called Mortmaine.