Odyssey (Academy, #5)

by Jack McDevitt

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'Why read Jack McDevitt? The question should be: Who among us is such a slow pony that s/he isn't reading McDevitt?' Harlan Ellison

To boost waning interest in interstellar travel, a mission is sent into deep space to learn the truth about 'moonriders', the strange lights supposedly being seen in nearby systems.

But the team soon discovers that their odyssey is no mere public-relations ploy, for the moonriders are no harmless phenomenon. They are very, very dangerous ... in a way that no one could possibly have imagined.

'McDevitt's energetic, character-driven prose serves double duty by exploring Earth's future political climate and forecasting the potential dangers awaiting humanity among the stars' Booklist

  • ISBN10 1472203275
  • ISBN13 9781472203274
  • Publish Date 10 October 2013 (first published 7 November 2006)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher Headline Publishing Group
  • Imprint Headline Book Publishing
  • Format Paperback (B-Format (198x129 mm))
  • Pages 496
  • Language English