Charly's Epic Fiascos (Charly's Epic Fiascos, #1)

by Kelli London

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Life sucks. Big time. But guess what? I've got a dream no one can kill, and I've been planning how to make it come true.

Charly's holdin' it down--she's got the attention of Mason, the new cutie around the way, she's setting the style for her crew, and if you get in her way, she'll mush you. Despite her frontin', her game is shaky--she's got no phone, no ride, and she's living on the outskirts of Chicago. Even worse: she's got a dream-killing mother and has to work part-time to help pay the bills. But Charly's got a plan to rise above it all--using the acting skills she's honed over the years to save face around the haters. All she's got to do now is get to New York without dropping the ball on making her and Mason official.

But between the most messed up travel plans ever and a bunch of broken promises, Charly's got a long journey ahead of her. That's okay, 'cause nothing will stop her, not even the biggest challenge of all that's waiting at her destination. . ..

"Kelli reinvents the urban heroine--she's cuter, smarter, fearless. Excellent read." --Travis Hunter, author of On the Come Up

Praise For Kelli London

"Kelli's stories are edgy and addictive. You won't want the story to end." --RM Johnson, author of Stacie & Cole

"An amazing tale that is sure to delight, teach, and intrigue teens everywhere!" --Ni-Ni Simone on Boyfriend Season
  • ISBN10 0758263589
  • ISBN13 9780758263582
  • Publish Date 11 October 2012 (first published 1 January 2012)
  • Publish Status Transferred
  • Out of Print 9 August 2023
  • Publish Country US
  • Publisher Kensington Publishing
  • Imprint Dafina
  • Format Paperback (US Trade)
  • Pages 262
  • Language English