Cover of The Devil's Dreamcatcher

The Devil's Dreamcatcher by Donna Hosie

Published 20 July 2015

Young Adult

Medusa Pallister is about to interview for the most important job of her existence: an internship in Hell's accounting office. If she gets it, she'll report to Septimus, the coolest boss in the underworld. A sequel to The Devil's Intern.

Cover of Traquelero

Traquelero by Othniel Poole

Published 14 December 2017

Young Adult

Cover of Attack of the Fiend

When witches steal Tom's inheritance and kidnap his relatives, Tom, the Spook, and Alice set out for Pendle Hill, a particularly dangerous district, in hopes of preventing the three witch clans from uniting to raise the Fiend, the Devil himself, thus bringing about an age of darkness.

Cover of L'odyss e des neiges

L'odyss e des neiges (14/18) by Pierre-Luc Belanger

Published 21 November 2018

Young Adult

Cover of Blood for Blood

Blood for Blood (Wolf by Wolf, #2) by Ryan Graudin

Published 6 October 2016

Young Adult

The thrilling conclusion to Ryan Graudin's Carnegie Medal 2017 nominated alternative history and fantasy epic, WOLF BY WOLF. In 1950s Germany, the war may be over, but the fight has just begun . . .There would be blood. Blood for blood. Blood to pay. An entire world of it. With their mission to overthrow the Nazis in danger, Yael and the resistance are ready to fight. Forced to run, life in the shadows for Yael, Luka and Felix isn't easy, especially when their enemy seems to know their every mov...

Cover of Hector's Inheritance

Hector's Inheritance by Horatio Alger Jr

Published 6 December 2017


Cover of Dream Wizard

Dream Wizard by Dr Alexander Randall

Published 8 June 2020


Cover of Centauriad #2

Centauriad #2 (Centauriad, #2) by Kate Klimo

Published 1 May 2013

Young Adult

Kick-ass heroine, Malora Ironbound's adventures continue, in another book about survival and friendship in a post-apocolyptic setting with mythical tones.  In this sequel to Daughter of the Centaurs, Malora leaves the safety of Mount Kheironin search of Sky, the stallion who used to lead Malora's herd of horses. She travels with her closest friends through the wild and dangerous bush, and wind up in a city built on the ruins of Cairo--which is wild and dangerous in a different way. This journey...

Cover of Minno

Minno (Minno, #1) by James Barlog

Published 21 September 2012

Young Adult

Cover of Alchemist

Alchemist (Guardians of Time, #2) by Vivienne Lee Fraser

Published 30 September 2020

Young Adult

Would you Travel 900 years into the future to save the lives of some dogs?Alain, Apprentice Apothecary and sometime Alchemist, is on a high after saving the life of his king. After all the excitement he is not content to slip back into everyday life. So when he is offered the chance to travel with his Master to the future and investigate a strange disease in dogs he leaps at the chance.Taken through a portal to The New Forest in 2017, Alain finds life in Medieval England had not prepared him for...

Cover of Le Royaume de Wolfhaven, Tome 03

Le Royaume de Wolfhaven, Tome 03 by Kate Forsyth

Published 11 October 2017

Young Adult

Cover of Past Continuous

Past Continuous by K Ryer Breese

Published 8 November 2011

Young Adult

When clairvoyant high school student Ade Patience decides to erase his past in order to extricate himself from a radical, nihilistic oracle group, he does not know that this will cause his girlfriend Vauxhall to forget who he is, forcing him to once again woo her, competing against three other versions of himself for her attention.

Cover of Ripper

Ripper by Stefan Petrucha

Published 13 October 2003

Young Adult

Panic grips the city! There is a killer loose in New York City, and Carver Young is the only one who sees the startling connection between the recent string of murders and the most famous serial killer in history: Jack the Ripper. Time is winding down until the killer claims another victim, but Carver soon sees that, to The Ripper, this is all a game that he may be destined to lose. "Petrucha's story hits the ground running and doesn't let up..."--Publisher's Weekly "A rollicking story full of c...

Cover of Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze (Day of Disaster) by Kristin Johnson

Published 1 January 2017

Young Adult