Cover of Freestyle with Avery

Hey, sports fans! Avery here, comin' at you live from Colorado, home of my dad-and the first-ever Telluride Snurfer Snowboarding Competition! With mascot dog Marty at my side, I'm totally psyched to compete. But this trip is getting CRAAAZY. As in Crazie Kazie, the all-star boarder who wants to win as much as I do. The only thing crazier is her cat, Farkle...aka Franken-cat! I just might score some coaching tips from a certain celeb. And shout-out to my new friend, Jason-he loves animals...

Cover of The Golden Cage

The Golden Cage by Miriam Estep

Published 28 August 2018


Cover of Bling Blaine

Bling Blaine by Rob Sanders

Published 1 October 2020


Age range 3 to 6 A heartwarming picture book about the power of allies to lift others up...and the sparkling magic of glitter! Blaine's a boy who loves to shine...well actually, he loves to sparkle. Whether it's his uniform, his book bag, or even his baseball cap, Blaine's all about the bling. But when his bling rubs some people the wrong way, and the bullying begins, Blaine - along with the entire school - starts to lose his shine. Can Blaine's friends bring back his glimmer and gleam by gli...

Cover of I'm Special?

I'm Special? by Marlo Bromfield

Published 12 March 2013


Cover of La Llaman America

La Llaman America by Rodriguez

Published 15 April 1998


Cover of The Crystal Mirror and Other Stories

The Crystal Mirror and Other Stories by Tim Malnick

Published 13 November 2013


Enter the Crystal Mirror and find timeless tales to help foster compassion, self-acceptance, bravery, creativity and appreciation in children and grown-ups alike. Each is a story of questing and transformation and of the surprises that await us when we finally discover what we have long been looking for. Who among the colourful characters will open your eyes to new ways of seeing - the cuddliest monster in the world or the mighty warrior who plans to slay him? Will you discover how to use your i...

Cover of The Wings of Courage

The Wings of Courage by Title George Sand and Barbara Wersba

Published 17 July 1998


In coastal France, a lame eleven-year-old boy named Clopinet is sold into apprenticeship to a cruel tailor, escapes, and overcomes his fear of everything in life through his love of the birds around him.

Cover of Soy

Soy by Rachel Cane

Published 15 December 2013


Cover of I Love Emma

I Love Emma by Suzanne Marshall

Published 8 June 2013


Cover of Honestly Katie John

The predictions of a fortune teller come true for eleven-year-old Katie John.

Cover of Marsupial Sue

Marsupial Sue by Jack E. Davis

Published 17 October 2001


If you're a Kangaroo through and through, Just do what Kangaroos do. Young Sue really doesn't like being a kangaroo, so she goes off to find something better. First she tries climbing the trees like a koala, but that doesn't work. Then she wades into the sea like a platypus, but that's no good either. Finally, Sue joins up with some bouncy, jouncy wallabies...and discovers that being a kangaroo isn't so bad, after all. Using a jaunty waltz rhythm, actor, comedian, and best-selling author...

Cover of Who Do You Want to Be?

Who Do You Want to Be? by Darius Konstant

Published 25 October 2015


Cover of Two Weeks in Grade Six

Two Weeks in Grade Six by Mary K Pershall

Published 31 March 2003


Cover of Sorrel and the Sleepover

Sorrel and the Sleepover by Corrinne Averiss

Published 2 August 2018


Sorrel and Sage are such good friends, with so much in common. But after Sorrel goes to Sage's big house for a sleepover, she's afraid that Sage won't like coming to her tiny house even half as much because it's so different. Will Sage like Sorrel when she finds out they aren't exactly alike?

Cover of It's Mine!

Two brief stories demonstrate the importance of sharing, being careful with the property of others, and taking turns.

Cover of Mama's Little Duckling

Mama's Little Duckling by Marjorie Parker

Published 1 March 2008