Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels, #7)

by Ilona Andrews

4.5 of 5 stars 13 ratings • 7 reviews • 16 shelved
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Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels, #7)

by Ilona Andrews

4.5 of 5 stars 13 ratings • 7 reviews • 16 shelved
No matter how much the paranormal politics of Atlanta change, one thing always remains the same in this #1 New York Times bestselling series: if there’s trouble, Kate Daniels will be in the middle of it…

As the mate of the Beast Lord, Curran, former mercenary Kate Daniels has more responsibilities than it seems possible to juggle. Not only is she still struggling to keep her investigative business afloat, but she must now deal with the affairs of the Pack, including preparing her people for attack from Roland, a cruel, ancient being with godlike powers.

As Roland’s long shadow looms ever nearer, Kate is called to attend a gathering of leaders from Atlanta’s supernatural factions. When one of the Masters of the Dead is found murdered by a shapeshifter, Kate is given less than twenty-four hours to hunt down the killer. And this time, if she fails, she’ll find herself embroiled in a war that could destroy everything she holds dear...
  • ISBN10 0425277496
  • ISBN13 9780425277492
  • Publish Date 3 March 2015 (first published 29 July 2014)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Publisher Penguin Putnam Inc
  • Imprint Penguin USA
  • Format Paperback (US Mass Market)
  • Pages 416
  • Language English


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Chelsea 4 of 5 stars
Part of me wishes this series ended here but another part of me is excited to see what else could possibly happen. I'm not sure how I feel about the direction this series is going in but I'll have to wait and see!

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And so the arc shift begins. I loved the story and how it ended, but it left a couple of loose ends (Hugh and Logan). Makes me wonder if Roland can really make his people heal.

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Linda 5 of 5 stars
Magic Breaks brings a lot of loose ends together, while also opening up a few new cans of worms. Fast-paced and action-filled, but also having that special bond Kate has with the characters she cares for, it was an amazing read.

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Coffee dates with Magic Breaks

First date: Barabas, our beloved weremongoose gives us a prologue at the beginning of our date, recapping what has happened and noting key players. I thought this aspect was brilliant and allowed us to jump right back into the story. We know Daddy dearest is coming and preparations are being made. Curran must leave the pack and travel to create alliances but before he goes, he manages to make both Kate and I swoon. His absence leaves Kate in charge of the Weres and forces to attend the Conclave. Despite everything that is happening Kate manages to keep her humor. Her snark causes me to giggle even as I worry. At the Conclave, a Master of the Dead is murdered and chaos ensues leaving Kate with a nasty ultimatum- find the killer or start a war. Gads poor Kate cannot get a break.
“Where to now?" I asked."Hold on," Robert said. "I'm still . . . coming to terms with your mode of transportation."
"Take your time," I nudged Cuddles, turning her to give him a better view. Cuddles flicked her ears, lifted her feet, and pranced. Oh dear God.”

Second date: Andrews is pulling my heart in all different directions and taking us places I could never even have fathomed. Witches, predictions, Hugh and danger are at every corner. I feel like there should be tribal drums beating out, Daddy is coming. Scenes in the middle of the story reaffirmed my love of urban fantasy on audio. Raudman made me feel every emotion and taste Kate’s despair. I could barely breathe and lost myself completely in the story. I have never been more anxious in my life. Andrews scoffs at predictability leaving me very unsure of my third date.
“If your head explodes can I have your stuff?”

Third date: The final segment is breathtaking, nerve racking and heartbreaking. Can I just take a moment to say how kick-ass Kate is? Her protective nature and love for those around her gives her this incredible strength. We see growth in her abilities and Andrews created a panoramic view as the events unfold. Daddy dearest is strong and even I quivered in his presence. Leave it to Andrews to completely surprise me and move the storyline in a direction I did not expect. This series is completely addictive and the characters are amazing. Even the secondary characters gave me the feels, made me laugh and sometimes I wanted to run. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant!
“Will I get nights of ecstasy?"
"And days. Ecstasy all the time.”

Bonus date: Magic Breaks includes Magic Tests a novella that originally published in the anthology, An Apple for the Creature. It is also available as a a standalone. I enjoyed this case featuring Kate and Julie. It has me adding all of the novellas from the series. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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Melanie 5 of 5 stars
This is another great book to this series. There is a lot that happens, so I don't want to go through it all and give away spoilers. Let's just say that if you've read this series, then you should read this book. If you haven't started this series, I highly recommend that you give this series a try.

Also, the narration of this series gives new meaning to superb. If you have never tried an audiobook, this is a great series to try. This is one of my all-time favorite series with one of my all-time favorite narrators.