Shadow Moon (Goddess Chronicles, #4)

by K.B. Anne

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Book cover for Shadow Moon

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Three reincarnated gods walk into a wizard’s keep and break all the rules.

Once, Caer was a princess loved by her father, the faerie king, and they lived in peace until the eve of Samhain. Balor, a giant, one-eyed pirate, betrayed the king’s trust by spilling his blood across the throne room floor and claiming Caer as his prize.

Forced to live in the shadows, Caer’s only companion is an all-powerful shapeshifting wizard who does not even know she exists. Watching from afar, she learns what makes a warrior’s heart strong, but the early arrival of the brother and sister promise to derail her plans of revenge.

Back in Kildare, the hunt for Alaric continues, but Gigi’s magic can’t track him. Scott aims to help her by providing protection, along with constant banter, but his true love haunts his dreams. If he doesn’t find her soon, his sanity might break.

Gallean fears the day Caer, Gigi, and Scott are prophecied to come together, for then the trí chumhacht, the three powers, will be set into motion. These three can barely control their own magic, let alone be able to handle their combined forces. But, when three gods walk into a wizard’s keep, there’s bound to be trouble—and a good bit of mischief.

  • ISBN10 1956915036
  • ISBN13 9781956915037
  • Publish Date 12 January 2022
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Kb Anne
  • Format Paperback (US Trade)
  • Pages 228
  • Language English