Book 1

Wide Awake

by K.B. Anne

Published 15 October 2018

Witches, werewolves and magic aren’t just bedtime stories, they’re my story.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas, The Mortal Instruments, Twilight, and Harry Potter will love KB Anne’s bestselling urban fantasy series!

Gram tells me Druids live among us. They worship the forgotten Celtic gods that once ruled the Earth, and for centuries, they’ve practiced in Vernal Falls without incident.

I know nothing about Druids or Celtic gods. I only know the visions began when Breas, the new foreign exchange student, moved in next door. I also know my best friend Lizzie is obsessed with the spell book I found in Gram’s attic.

And someone is following me, which I find oddly comforting.

Breas provokes me—I mean really pisses me off. My friends protect me—but it’s mostly from myself. And a mysterious stranger wants me and I’m not sure what his intentions are, but I’m willing to take the risk.

Meanwhile, evil forces are supposed to be at work, and I need to decide if I’m the one to save them all. Guess what I think?

Book 2

Blood Moon

by K.B. Anne

Published 19 January 2019

It’s the final countdown to world domination.

So I accidently released Clayone, the Original Werewolf, which one would think would be the worst of my troubles... Oh, how wrong one would be. Gram and Uncle Mark, who happens to be my dad (I’m still reeling about that one), just informed me that I’m from a long line of Druids, and according to some prophecy I’m the Celtic Goddess Brigit reincarnated. I’m not even remotely magical, let alone a Goddess, but one of my friend’s is already dead and another one’s been bitten.

For now, Clayone's trapped in a church, too weak to leave, but on the eve of Samhaim, October 31, during the Super Blue Blood Moon's lunar eclipse, he will be more powerful than he's been in a thousand years. Lucky me.

If he can destroy the reincarnated goddess while she’s in human form, the werewolves' curses of imprisonment—the silver bullet and the full moon—will be lifted, and the unbridled reign of the werewolf will begin at last.

The fate of the world is in my hands, but the real question is, do I actually believe I’m Brigit, a reincarnated goddess, and if so, will I lock Clayone back in the hell where he came from before it's too late? I think we all know the answers to those questions. All I really know is that the full moon has never looked so terrifying.

The Goddess Chronicles are a fast-paced contemporary fantasy adventure with a kick butt heroine, some hot powerful heroes, and loads of magic just to make things more explosive. If you like Chandelle LaVaun, Linsey Hall, M. Lynn, and B.R. Kingsolver, you will love The Goddess Chronicles.

Book 3

Dark Moon

by K.B. Anne

Published 28 September 2019

Time to put my magic to the test or die trying.

Scott worries about my soul. Can you believe that crap? I’ve killed multiple people because I was too darn stubborn to accept that I was the reincarnated Celtic goddess Brigit, and now, that I’ve embraced my goddess self, I’ve figured out how to bring everyone back from the dead, and he’s too busy worrying about my soul when what he should be worried about is my boot in his rear end.

To make matters more complicated, Alaric returned from his show with shocking news. If I was smart, I would hop on the next plane and get out of Kildares, but I’ve never been very good at taking care of myself.

And do you know who showed up? I can’t freaking believe it. I thought he was out of my life for good, but bad luck always follows me like many of my bad habits. I don’t have time to play games. I need to learn to use my magic before the Dark Moon approaches or I’ll miss out on my chance to bring back to life everyone who died trying to protect me.

The Goddess Chronicles are a fast-paced contemporary fantasy adventure with a kick butt heroine, some hot powerful heroes, and loads of magic just to make things more explosive. If you like Linsey Hall, M. Lynn, and B.R. Kingsolver, you will love The Goddess Chronicles.

Book 4

Shadow Moon

by K.B. Anne

Published 12 January 2022

Three reincarnated gods walk into a wizard’s keep and break all the rules.

Once, Caer was a princess loved by her father, the faerie king, and they lived in peace until the eve of Samhain. Balor, a giant, one-eyed pirate, betrayed the king’s trust by spilling his blood across the throne room floor and claiming Caer as his prize.

Forced to live in the shadows, Caer’s only companion is an all-powerful shapeshifting wizard who does not even know she exists. Watching from afar, she learns what makes a warrior’s heart strong, but the early arrival of the brother and sister promise to derail her plans of revenge.

Back in Kildare, the hunt for Alaric continues, but Gigi’s magic can’t track him. Scott aims to help her by providing protection, along with constant banter, but his true love haunts his dreams. If he doesn’t find her soon, his sanity might break.

Gallean fears the day Caer, Gigi, and Scott are prophecied to come together, for then the trí chumhacht, the three powers, will be set into motion. These three can barely control their own magic, let alone be able to handle their combined forces. But, when three gods walk into a wizard’s keep, there’s bound to be trouble—and a good bit of mischief.

Book 5

Oak Moon

by K.B. Anne

Published 12 January 2022

Try a kick in the butt and if that doesn't work, a shove between the shoulder blades.

It's not that I wanted to remain training with Gallean in the Shadow Realm—I'd sell my mortality for a chance to find Alaric—Caer just gave me the push I needed. But upon my arrival back to the Earthly Realm, Breas, my loathsome bloke of an ex, kidnaps me and throws me in a cell. Talk about bad timing.

One might think imprisonment wouldn't be a problem given my magical gifts, but the four-inch silver chains wrapped around my body dampen my magic. I have only my wits to free me. Sadly, humor can't unlock my cell. I do manage to make some shocking discoveries, though, including the new alliances Breas has formed. Alliances that could mean the end of humanity if not handled quickly. No pressure or anything.

Caer really planted one on Scott. She wrapped her fingers around his head and yanked him into a kiss before he could exclaim, "My Swan," but Scott won't forgive easily. The legends might pair them together, but my brother is fiercely loyal to me. He will do everything in his power to get back to me and ensure my safety. Caer can hold her own though. She's a mighty warrior, drop-dead ​gorgeous, and a swan shapeshifter—some gods get all the luck.

The three us need to reunite soon in order to save the world, but first, I need to get out of this cell and find Alaric.

Book 6

Storm Moon

by K.B. Anne

Published 13 January 2022

The Storm is here.

Why is it that everything seems to come in threes? Three reincarnated gods. Three evil villains. Three days until the Storm Moon and the possible end of the world...

The good news is that Caer and Scott are back from the Shadow Realm and Alaric no longer wants to kill me—which I consider a win. The bad news is that Breas, Witch Kensey, and Carman have joined together (in more ways than one), and they’re more powerful than ever.