Kings of the Wyld (The Band, #1)

by Nicholas Eames

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Book cover for Kings of the Wyld

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A retired group of legendary mercenaries get the band back together for one last impossible mission in this award-winning debut epic fantasy.

Clay Cooper and his band were once the best of the best, the most feared and renowned crew of mercenaries this side of the Heartwyld.

Their glory days long past, the mercs have grown apart and grown old, fat, drunk, or a combination of the three. Then an ex-bandmate turns up at Clay's door with a plea for help -- the kind of mission that only the very brave or the very stupid would sign up for.

It's time to get the band back together.

Hardcover exclusive to Anderida Books. Limited to 350 signed and numbered copies, with the map printed on the end papers.

  • ISBN10 0356510662
  • ISBN13 9780356510668
  • Publish Date 25 May 2017 (first published 21 February 2017)
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Orbit
  • Edition Anderida Books Exclusive
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 492
  • Language English
  • Special Numbered Signed