Solstice: A Tropical Horror Comedy

by Lorence Alison

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Book cover for Solstice

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When Adri is offered an all-expenses-paid trip to the exclusive Solstice Festival, it feels like the graduation gift of a lifetime! But when she arrives, she quickly realises it's not Instagram-ready. There's no water, no food, and no security in sight - which means there's no one to help when a dead body is found on the beach.

With connections to the festival planners, Adri gets a front-row seat as everything devolves into chaos - and she's in a prime position to put together the clues to who - or what - is killing off the crowd one by one.

This is teen horror at its best: fun, sexy, topical, and with regular updates on social media as everything goes horribly wrong. It invites you to check your privilege at the door - before it gets you killed.
  • ISBN10 1250219892
  • ISBN13 9781250219893
  • Publish Date 18 February 2020
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  • Publish Country US
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  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 288
  • Language English