Cover of Blut ist im Schuh

Blut ist im Schuh by Anna Schneider

Published 29 May 2017

Young Adult

Cover of Losing Brave

Losing Brave by Bailee Madison and Stefne Miller

Published 24 January 2018

Young Adult

Payton Brave's twin sister, Dylan, has been missing for more than a year. So has Payton's memory. Amid the turmoil of her sister's disappearance, Payton feels lost as the one left behind. Her mental state wrought and reckless, she tumbles from the graces of popularity to the outskirts of high school society, where she attracts a rag-tag group of friends-and a troubling romance with her sister's boyfriend, Cole. Though Payton remembers nothing of the day Dylan disappeared, she must pry into her...

Cover of My Trust in You

My Trust in You by E J S Fisher

Published 30 June 2018

Young Adult

Cover of I Can See Clearly

I Can See Clearly (Luc Ponti) by James A. Cusumano

Published 1 April 2021

Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old star basketball player, Luc Ponti wins an important tiebreaker game for the Palo Alto Vikings with a three-point basket during the last few seconds of play. He is simultaneously critically injured with a flagrant foul by a player from the opposing team. Luc dies for several minutes but is revived after having a near-death experience (NDE). He inexplicably begins to develop superpowers, which change the course of his life and have a profound impact on the world. Luc becomes caugh...

Cover of Twisted

Twisted by Hannah Jayne

Published 5 July 2016

Young Adult

Bex is ready to start a new life in foster care. There, she won't be known as a serial killer's daughter. Though her father was never tried for the murders attributed to "The Wife Collector," he disappeared after questioning. And Bex struggles with the guilt that she provided the circumstantial evidence that convicted him in the public's perception and drove him to abandon her.

Cover of The Night Country

The Night Country (Hazel Wood, #2) by Melissa Albert

Published 7 January 2020

Young Adult

The New York Times bestselling sequel to Melissa Albert’s beloved The Hazel Wood!In The Night Country, Alice Proserpine dives back into a menacing, mesmerizing world of dark fairy tales and hidden doors of The Hazel Wood. Follow her and Ellery Finch as they learn The Hazel Wood was just the beginning, and that worlds die not with a whimper, but a bang.With Finch’s help, Alice escaped the Hinterland and her reclusive grandmother’s dark legacy. Now she and the rest of the dregs of the fairy tale w...

Cover of The Black Coats

The Black Coats by Colleen Oakes

Published 12 February 2019

Young Adult

ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE. IF YOU HURT US, WE'RE COMING FOR YOU. Moxie meets Female of the Species in this powerful, thrilling, and deeply resonant novel about a secret society of girls who plot revenge on the men who hurt them. The enigmatic Black Coats have been exacting vengeance on men who have hurt girls and women for years. The killer of Thea's cousin went free, and Thea has just received an invitation to join the Black Coats' balancings-acts of revenge meant to teach a lesson. Jus...

Cover of Spiders

Spiders by Tom Hoyle

Published 1 November 2014

Young Adult

From the author of Thirteen, Tom Hoyle's Spiders is a creepy, spine-tingling thriller that will leave you breathless, perfect for fans of Michael Grant.Adam may have survived once, but a cult still has him in its sights. And this time he may not escape with his life . . .Abbie's dad is an undercover agent, tasked with exposing dangerous cults. He's normally able to maintain his distance, but this time Abbie's worried he's in too deep. Megan was sure she and Adam were safe, but now he's missing...

Cover of Isabel's Whiskers

Isabel's Whiskers by Peggy McGookin

Published 13 August 2019

Young Adult

Cover of The Girl I Used to Be

The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry

Published 3 May 2016

Young Adult

"Olivia's parents were killed fourteen years ago. Now, new evidence reopens the case . . . and she finds herself involved"--

Cover of I Spy the Boy Next Door

I Spy the Boy Next Door by Samantha Armstrong

Published 25 May 2019

Young Adult

Cover of Project Revenant

Project Revenant by Lawrence Drexel Jr

Published 11 February 2019

Young Adult

Cover of The Transatlantic Conspiracy

The Transatlantic Conspiracy by G D Falksen

Published 15 June 2016

Young Adult

The year is 1908. Seventeen-year-old Rosalind Wallace s blissful stay in England with her best friend, Cecily de Vere, has come to an abrupt end, which is fine with Rosalind. She was getting tired of being high society Cecily s American pet. Her industrialist father is unveiling his fabulous new Transatlantic Express, the world s first underwater railway. As a publicity stunt he has booked her on the maiden voyage without asking. Rosalind is furious. But lucky for her, Cecily and her handsome...

Cover of Shackled

Shackled by Tom Leveen

Published 18 August 2015

Young Adult

From author Tom Leveen comes a taut, suspenseful novel about a girl's abduction that leaves her best friend emotionally paralyzed, until a chance encounter points her toward the truth ... and a terrifying new danger.

Cover of Blink

Blink by Dawn Sasha

Published 1 July 2018

Young Adult

Josh suspects Chatham, a mysterious girl searching for her runaway sister, has something to do with a kidnapping twelve years ago. But will he discover the truth in time? And does he really want to know what the truth is?

Cover of Contagion

Contagion (Contagion, #1) by Erin Bowman

Published 24 July 2018

Young Adult

Responding to the distress call was supposed to be a straightforward mission. But when Thea Sadik and her crew land on the distant planet of Achlys, they find destruction and devastation . . . and no survivors. As they try to piece together the puzzle of who or what could have decimated an entire operation, they discover that some SOS messages should be ignored and some monsters are only too ready to awaken.

Cover of Stepsister: Fear Street

Fear Street -- Where your worst nightmare lives...Emily wants to like her new stepsister, but it hasn't been easy. As soon as Jessie moves in, she takes over Emily's room, steals Emily's clothes, and lies to everyone. Then Emily picks up Jessie's diary and learns a horrifying secret...Is Jessie really capable of murder? Emily tries to tell her parents, but no one believes her. Can Emily stay alive long enough to expose the real Jessie?

Cover of Who Cares?

Who Cares? (Law and Order) by Colin Terrell

Published 1 April 2011

Young Adult