The Most Precious of Cargoes: A Tale

by Jean-Claude Grumberg

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Book cover for The Most Precious of Cargoes

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Told in the gentle tone of a fable, Jean-Claude Grumberg's The Most Precious of Cargoes tells the moving story of a woman who wanted a child, and a child who needed a home.

Once upon a time in an enormous forest, there lived a poor woodcutter and his wife.

Around them a war wages, and hunger is a constant companion. Yet every night, the woodcutter's wife prays for a child.

A Jewish father rides on a train holding twin babies. His wife no longer has enough milk to feed both children. In hopes of saving them both, he wraps his daughter in a shawl and throws her into the forest.

While foraging for food, the woodcutter's wife finds a bundle, a baby girl wrapped in a shawl. She knows that this little girl will be hunted, but she cannot ignore this gift: she will accept the precious cargo, and raise her as her own.

Set against the horrors of the Holocaust and told with a fairy tale-like lyricism, The Most Precious of Cargoes is a fable about family and redemption which reminds us that humanity can be found in the most inhumane of places.

  • ISBN10 006298179X
  • ISBN13 9780062981790
  • Publish Date 29 September 2020
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Harpervia
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 128
  • Language English