City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments, #6)

by Cassandra Clare

4.26 of 5 stars 35 ratings • 12 reviews • 64 shelved
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City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments, #6)

by Cassandra Clare

4.26 of 5 stars 35 ratings • 12 reviews • 64 shelved
"Darkness has descended on the Shadowhunter world. Chaos and destruction overwhelm the Nephilim as Clary, Jace, Simon, and their friends band together to fight the greatest evil they have ever faced: Clary's own brother. Nothing in this world can defeat Sebastian--but if they journey to the realm of demons, they just might have a chance."--
  • ISBN10 1442416890
  • ISBN13 9781442416895
  • Publish Date 27 May 2014
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Margaret K. McElderry Books
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 752
  • Language English


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catiebug 4 of 5 stars
I know a lot of people love the first 3 books of The Mortal Instruments and hated the last 3, but I loved this series the more it went on. I liked this series when I started it, but I had a hard time getting into it. But now I'm in love after finishing the whole series and I'm so glad there are more books to read! I love these characters and this world and want to read more.

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Leah 4 of 5 stars
What a wild ride. I've read all six Mortal Instruments books, all three Infernal Devices books and The Bane Chronicles since February 14th. I'm exhausted. I'm kinda mad at myself for reading them in such a short space of time because once I was halfway through, I kinda got fatigued but I wanted to carry on because I wanted the series over with, to see how it ended, but I definitely would have preferred to just read these books as they were published, with a nice year-long gap in between. Because they're massive. I have read about 5,000 pages give or take of the same freaking series since February. It's all I've read and it's incredibly overwhelming.

Mind you, I am so glad I read the series. It was incredible. How Cassandra Clare wrote so many books in such a short space of time that are so freaking long is heroic. I bow down. *BOWS* To then interweave the Infernal Devices with the Mortal Instruments is even more insane. (And she plans to do it again with The Dark Artifices and The Lost Hours or The Eldest Curses IDK!) There are four trilogies to go, before Cassandra is done with the Shadowhunters completely and it's insane to think it's spanned so many books! But it works, because I was never bored of the stories, merely fatigued at how intense it all was.

City of Heavenly Fire wraps up the Mortal Instruments perfectly. It's not exactly Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I don't think a finale book will ever be as good as Deathly Hallows, but it wrapped up a lot of stuff (and killed a few people). RIP Raphael and I do not see that as a spoiler because literally everyone has already read this series.

I just... I'm overwhelmed. The way the story connected to TID, the fighting, the battles, meeting Emma and Julian (from Lady Midnight), my head feels like it could explode to keep up with so many characters. But it was worth it as well, because you really feel like you've been on a journey (and a half) with Clary and the Shadowhunters. Probably the only thing I didn't like was what happened to Simon. Was there any need? REALLY? Why ruin one of the greatest friendships ever written and one of the greatest love stories that was just getting started (I am a HARDCORE Simon/Izzy shipper) but in all endings sacrifices had to be made, and I don't know how otherwise it would have occurred. Bloody Simon and his selflessness. IT JUST MAKES HIM EVEN GREATER. If Cassandra had one extra trilogy in her, after the four we have coming, I'd want it to be about Simon. I could literally read about him forever. It may not have meant to be his story, but he bloody well took over and he was by far my favourite.

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Carpe Libra 4 of 5 stars
Stad van Hemelse Vlammen is een goed geschreven afsluiting van een machtig mooie serie. Ook al werd ik zelf niet zo ondergedompeld als in de vorige delen, de personages spatten in ieder geval wel wederom van de pagina’s af. Ze beleefden opnieuw een spannend, meeslepend en op sommige momenten hartverscheurend avontuur, dat me ondanks alles aan het lezen hield. Want wat wilde ik graag weten hoe het zou aflopen met mijn favoriete Schaduwjagers! Tegen het einde werd mijn volharding beloond en raakte ik alsnog gevangen in het verhaal. Werd dit boek het waardige einde dat ik voor ogen had toen ik het oppakte. Al had ik zonder dat laatste gespeel met mijn gevoelens gekund, Cassandra Clare. Tissues in de nabijheid zeer aanbevolen!

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pamela 4 of 5 stars
This was a surprisingly strong ending to the series which I actually enjoyed immensely. There were some truly laugh out loud moments, and it came to a good resolution while still setting it up for further books. It had just the right amount of tragedy, and just the right amount of hope. And indeed, I liked that not everyone received a happy ending; to be honest I wasn't expecting the Clave to remain such dicks!

These books were fun and diverting, and while Cassandra Clare is almost obviously at times writing a Harry Potter/Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles Mashup it didn't matter, because the books (if I pretend book five never happened) were fun, fast paced and bloody enjoyable. They felt more inspired by, rather than derivative which is rare in a book which so obviously takes from its source material.

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Kim Deister 5 of 5 stars
City of Heavenly Fire I have loved this series and I think that City of Heavenly Fire just might be my favorite of the entire series. There was a ton of action, a lot of tearjerking moments, love, sacrifice, and twists and turns that I never saw coming. And I loved every moment of it!
Very little about this book was what I expected. I knew that there would be tears and there were, but not when I thought. I knew that there would be sacrifices, but they weren't made by the characters that I expected. I expected surprises, but I got them in ways I hadn't imagined.
I truly enjoyed the unexpected in this book. After a long series, there are always fan favorites. Endings you want, love you want, situations you want to happen. Very little of what I expected to happen actually happened, yet I felt no disappointment. Things changed, drastically changed, and the unexpected changes were not only satisfying, but they opened up the series to continue in other ways and I can't wait for that!
My Recommendation
I loved this series, and I loved this book. For reasons I don't understand, many readers don't bother with epilogues. But this is a book where I feel like the epilogue is vital to the story, too! Great ending to a fabulous series!

Avatar for readingwithwrin

I have so many mixed emotions about this book and this whole series.

I did really enjoy it, but some parts were just pointless to me and I feel like it could have all happened without so much buildup or talking about it.

I think what confused me the most was Sebastian he would want to do one thing to the shadow hunters one minute and then completely change it the next.

My favorite part of the whole series though was how sarcastic all of the characters were, and how they kept that with them throughout the story even when everything else went to hell.

It was very nice to see the majority of people get somewhat of a happy ending, and for everything to be resolved for the most part. What didn't get resolved in these books I'm hoping gets resolved in the two spinoff series.

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shannonmiz 3 of 5 stars
Actual rating: 2.5 Stars

I'm going to be honest here, I wasn't super eager to read this one. I didn't know how exactly 725 more pages of this same group of people would be possible, really. Didn't we kind of cover it all already? Who loved who, who fought who, who was good, who was evil, who was and was not related to who... It really seemed like this group had run out of steam.

I actually read this book quicker than I'd thought I would. I must say that it moved pretty fast, despite the length and general repetitive nature. I'm going to just break this down into some likes and dislikes.

The Supporting Characters. I have always loved Simon, and Magnus is so fun. Even though I was annoyed that some characters were introduced just to gain interest for the next series, I was glad that there were some new people around.
I enjoyed the ending. I probably shouldn't have as much as I did, but I did. It wasn't creative, or even particularly exciting, but I liked it.
There were a few really sweet life-lesson-type moments that I really enjoyed.

There were also a few (not a ton, but a few) scenes that left me with a pretty solid amount of feels.
Didn't I read this one already? Sebastian. Clary and Jace are just soooo in love. Vampires. Werewolves. Parents only mildly involved. Runes. Portals. Yep, definitely read it already. It was boring then, and it is boring now.

There were a lot of convenient moments. As in pretty much all of them.
I kind of have no idea why Jace and Clary are in love. Actually, why any of the couples are in love. It's just like, "oh, blah-blah loves so-and-so", and I'm just supposed to accept that without any evidence. Great plan.

There were so many characters. Seriously, there were names being thrown at me that I couldn't have told you the significance of if my life freaking depended on it. These weren't even actual necessary characters in most cases, more like fillers (or God forbid, another spin-off?) but they threw me off, because I had to spend time trying to figure out if they were important enough for me to worry about remembering who the hell they were.

Not much actually happened, considering there were 725 pages. It just wasn't interesting to me at all, seemed drawn out, and mainly unnecessary.
Bottom Line: There were good moments. I was glad I read the whole book. But I would be lying if I rated it any higher. And if I didn't have legit OCD issues with stopping a series midway, I probably never would have made it past book three. So sure, read it if you're invested in the series, it is a nice enough farewell. But in the grand scheme of books? Pass.

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5-Gold Stars for Cassandra Clare

I feel this is more like a love letter to Ms. Clare.

1. Thank you. It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful series. You tied up so many stories and planted new ones...(BIG smile)

2. I love your beautiful mind and the stories it crafts. The new, the old and the current were woven so beautifully together.

3. I appreciate how you were able to maintain the integrity of our favorite characters. Everything I love about TMI is ever-present. I smiled, I gasped, I face planted, I sighed in satisfaction.

4. You revisited the Infernal Devices and filled in some gaps. You did it beautifully, I must say.

5. I LOVE Emma and Jules. I will await their saga with baited breath.

Thank you for not disappointing me with this beautiful story.

Avatar for girlinthepages

This review was actually really hard for me to write, because I’ve been a fan of the original Shadowhunter series for many years and it’s hard to witness the end of a beloved series. I’ve let it settle for about a week and I’ve realized that I was really impressed by Clare’s last installment, not just because it’s the resolution of The Mortal Instruments series, but because it addresses the notion of war- and its repercussions- in a realistic and multi-facted way, and true to the endings of real wars, not everything is cleanly wrapped up in a unanimous resolution at the end of the novel.

Firstly and fore-mostly, it’s important to mention that CoHF is the book where Clare really ties all of the threads from all three of her series together (The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and The Dark Artifices). Readers are introduced to Shadowhunter families that had been mentioned in other generations, such as the Blackthorns and the Carstairs, and the conflicts among and between the Shadowhunters themselves and between Nephilim and demons are cross-generational, and if you’ve read Clare’s other series it all comes together beautifully.

This is a book about war. There is tragedy, death, and anticipation, and readers will be holding their breath throughout it (in the same way readers held their breath during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, knowing that important characters were going to die). This anxiety-ridden atmosphere leads to an intensity in the investment of the outcome of many of the relationships in the series, and there is resolution one way or another (whether good or bad) for all of the romantic pairings. I was satisfied by Clare’s handling of Jace and Clary’s relationship in particular, and she also introduces another LGTBQ couple and touches upon how members of the Shadowhunter world react to differences in sexuality, which was fascinating. I love that Clare writes her couples as very real, tackling real issues of intimacy, communication, conflict, etc rather than “watering down” the interactions because it’s a young adult audience.

What I love about Clare is that she pulls from a myraid of religious, mythological, and fantasy influences. Readers get to travel between the mundane world, the Fairie realm, Idris, (and for the first time) the demon realms. Religious dogma and influences are drawn from both Eastern and Western traditions, and the possibility of dimensional travel and parallel universes are introduced. There’s also a really fantastic scene in which each characters deepest, selfish desires are realized due to a demon’s influence, and seeing the fallout from that really shows how the characters have grown over the course of the series.

Clare creates an atmosphere in which the toll of death and destruction can not be resolved and soothed solely by victory. The book does not have a clean ending, rather the aftereffects of war are causing problems and tension that will no doubt carry on to The Dark Artifices series. I know there’s been mixed opinions from readers about Clare continuing to write in the Shadowhunter world, but I enjoy reading new narratives within a universe that I’ve come to understand and I believe it will be fascinating to see how (what’s left of) the Shadowhunters rebuild after the devastating war. I think her ambiguous ending with how the Shadow world and everyone within it will move forward is a true reflection of the decades-long rebuilding process that follow wars in the real world.

What I Loved:

A lot of character development! From the Lightwood’s dealing with their grief over the death of Max to Simon’s integration amongst the group to understanding more about Jocelyn’s relationship with Sebastian to learning so much more about Magnus!
There’s very real biases and ideological divisions amongst the Shadowhunters: it’s fascinating to see their prejudices, especially regarding Shadowhunters of “mixed blood” (part Downworlder, part Shadowhunter)
Full integration of story lines/characters from The Infernal Devices and the upcoming Dark Artifices.
A really interesting look at Downworld and Clave politics, and how they oppress and rebel against one another.
Learning more about the Iron Sisters and Silent Brothers.

What Didn’t Impress Me:

The book foll0wed many characters perspectives, with shifts in each chapter. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes I would be anxious to get back to one storyline but then I had to read about one that I didn’t find as interesting (such as about Mia, who has become a third person POV character).

Overall: This book was a really great ending to The Mortal Instruments series, and it came full circle in integrating its prequel series as well as introducing its successor. This book delves deeper than ever into Clave politics, the treatment of Downworlders, and the relationships of characters, as well as exposes the tensions and biases that underlie the Shadowhunter world. There’s a lot of action, a lot of characters that are followed, new realms explored, unexpected betrayal, and deaths to be sure, but the series ends delightfully open-ended to allow the next series by Clare to explore the very realistic fallout from the war and to watch and see how each magical group rebuilds and carries forward. Much as I want to, it’s hard to say anything else without giving away spoilers!

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Stephanie 3 of 5 stars
This series and I have a love/hate relationship. My biggest issue: please focus on the characters of this series instead of spending an jaggedly unbalanced amount of time on characters who are going to have their own book series after this one. Thanks.