Following the Grass (An Evans Novel of the West)

by Harry Sinclair Drago

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When Angel Irosabel rides with his family into the fertile valleys of Paradise, Nevada, he knows that their grueling journey from Basque country is over-he has found a place for his sheep to graze and for his family to thrive. Little did he know that his arrival would kick off an epic feud between the area cattle ranchers and his own herding clan.

When his daughter Margarida falls in love with Joe Gault, the son of a cowman, Angel can't overcome years of hostility, and instead disowns his treacherous daughter. When tragedy strikes, forcing Joe on the run, leaving Margarida broken-hearted, the cycle of hatred and distrust is passed to the next generation. When the Gaults' son Joseph falls in love with the daughter of another rancher, only time will tell whether family bonds can overcome the rancor that flows deep in the veins of the herders and cowmen.
  • ISBN10 1258862247
  • ISBN13 9781258862244
  • Publish Date 27 October 2013 (first published 10 September 2010)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Literary Licensing, LLC
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 322
  • Language English