The Flight of the Whisper King: A Shattered Sands Novella (Song of Shattered Sands, #4.5)

by Bradley P. Beaulieu

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Book cover for The Flight of the Whisper King

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Mala is a street thief with a knack for manipulating shadow. When the city’s garrison is left empty after a terrible battle, the leader of Mala’s gang decides to steal from it. Within, Mala stumbles across an injured woman named Shohreh.

Shohreh is a Kestrel, one of the elite swordswomen who serve the twelve kings of Sharakhai. Knowing she’ll be killed the moment the others learn of her, Mala helps Shohreh to escape through a secret door and into the city’s catacombs.

Shohreh is healed by the Crone, the leader of the Kestrels. After revealing a plot to kill Zeheb the Whisper King, the Crone commands Shohreh to save him and to kill Mala for having learned the location of their underground lair. What follows is a deadly game that threatens not only the Whisper King but Mala and everyone she knows.

  • ISBN10 1939649374
  • ISBN13 9781939649379
  • Publish Date 11 May 2020
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Quillings Literary
  • Format Paperback (US Trade)
  • Pages 138
  • Language English