Kingdom of the Wicked (Kingdom of the Wicked, #1)

by Kerri Maniscalco

3.94 of 5 stars 8 ratings • 3 reviews • 67 shelved 2020 Fantasy Pick
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Kingdom of the Wicked (Kingdom of the Wicked, #1)

by Kerri Maniscalco

3.94 of 5 stars 8 ratings • 3 reviews • 67 shelved 2020 Fantasy Pick

Two sisters. One brutal murder. A quest for vengeance that will unleash Hell itself . . .

A new series from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Stalking Jack the Ripper.

Emilia and her twin sister Vittoria are streghe - witches who live secretly among humans, avoiding notice and persecution. Until one night, Vittoria misses dinner service at the family's renowned Sicilian restaurant.

Emilia soon finds the body of her beloved twin . . . desecrated beyond belief. Devastated, Emilia sets out to find her sister's killer and to seek vengeance at any cost - even if it means using dark magic that's been long forbidden.

Then Emilia meets Wrath, one of the Wicked - princes of Hell she has been warned against in tales since she was a child. Wrath claims to be on Emilia's side, tasked by his master with solving the series of women's murders on the island.

But when it comes to the Wicked, nothing is as it seems . . .

  • ISBN10 1529350441
  • ISBN13 9781529350449
  • Publish Date 27 October 2020
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Hodder & Stoughton
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 384
  • Language English


Avatar for coral_chanel

I love Kerri Maniscalco’s Stalking Jack the Ripper series so I was very, very excited to read a fantasy novel by her and see how the story telling adapts.


I loved everything about this, from the folklore, magic, and religion to the relationships (good and bad) between the characters.


I’m very excited to read book two in this series.

Avatar for quirkycat

Quirky Cat 4.5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of Kingdom of the Wicked in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Kerri Maniscalco is back, and this time with a brand new series for us to dive into. Kingdom of the Wicked is the first novel in a series of the same name, and I have to say it, I'm hooked.

Emilia and her twin, Vittoria are special. They're streghe, witches, and handed a task that they never knew the whole story of. These two women have incredible power, but unfortunately, power cannot always protect the ones we love.

It can, however, work to avenge it. That is the path that Emilia is on now, going after the Wicked princes of Hell with a fierce determination. She doesn't know which one was the cause for the loss of her sister, but she intends to find out.

“It was the first of many secrets the twins would keep from each other. And would prove deadly for one.”

Having not read Kerri Maniscalco's previous series (Stalking Jack the Ripper), I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from Kingdom of the Wicked. All I knew was that it came with a gorgeous cover, and an inciting description.

I am so glad that I decided to take a risk and dive on in. Kingdom of the Wicked was a thrilling read, one that was emotional, evocative, and intriguing all at the same time. It portrays a world where magic and demons exist, and yet there is something very human about it all.

Perhaps that is thanks to Emilia, the lead character. Her loss, her anger, and her determination was a solid foundation for which the rest of the series can grow off of. It was powerful to see. Honestly, even knowing what was going to happen to Vittoria (the description made it obvious), it was still impossible to look away from Emilia's reaction.

“In the end, the monster we feared didn't come from Hell. He came from privilege.”

Everything about Kingdom of the Wicked appealed to me. The tone of voice, the setting, the atmosphere, it's all so brilliantly done (and leaves me wanting to check out Maniscalco's other series). It's actually a perfect read for this time of year – though I can see many a fantasy lover enjoying this read at any time of year.

There were tons of twists and complications in Emilia's journey for vengeance. Some were predictable, while others were less so. It made for an ideal blend, leaving trails of false hope and comfort in the familiar, while also having room for some surprises.

I honestly cannot wait for the next novel in this series to be announced, because of that ending! It is going to make the wait a painful one, I can tell you that much! Not that I'm discouraging anyone from giving it a try right now – the opposite, in fact.

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