Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)

by Sarah J. Maas

4.34 of 5 stars 86 ratings • 36 reviews • 119 shelved
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Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)

by Sarah J. Maas

4.34 of 5 stars 86 ratings • 36 reviews • 119 shelved
The action-packed, heart-wrenching and fantastically addictive sequel to Sarah J. Maas's epic YA fantasy debut THRONE OF GLASS.

Eighteen-year-old Celaena Sardothien is bold, daring and beautiful - the perfect seductress and the greatest assassin her world has ever known. But though she won the King's contest and became his champion, Celaena has been granted neither her liberty nor the freedom to follow her heart. Celaena faces a choice that is tearing her to pieces: kill in cold blood for a man she hates, or risk sentencing those she loves to death. Celaena must decide what she will fight for: survival, love or the future of a kingdom. Because an assassin cannot have it all ... And trying to may just destroy her.
  • ISBN10 161963063X
  • ISBN13 9781619630635
  • Publish Date 27 August 2013 (first published 15 August 2013)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  • Imprint Bloomsbury YA
  • Format eBook
  • Pages 336
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Part of what happened I found hard to believe based on the established traits we know about Celena, and the aftermath of that part dragged on, lowering my enjoyment. However the later half’s discoveries redeemed this a bit. At first I thought where Mass was taking the ending was rushed and odd, but ultimately she took a route I think will explore her characters better and provide more intrigue

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pamela 4 of 5 stars
Phew, what a ride! But good lord does Calaena go through men. And I'm still not entirely convinced she's a very good assassin. She's spotted every time she tries to track someone and misses almost every time she tries to kill someone.

There is also the plot crutch of good guys never talking to each other, and the bad guys never shutting up! But still, Crown of Midnight is the kind of swashbuckling romantic adventure you can just lose yourself in. I read the whole book in 24 hours which should give a pretty clear indication of how engrossed I was.

Again, it's tropey and predictable, but a cracking good read nonetheless! I'm hooked.

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Ashley 5 of 5 stars

Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews

Throne of Glass was a great book, but Crown of Midnight rocks ten times harder! Seriously... Crown of Midnight was INCREDIBLE!!! I actually think it was even better than Throne of Glass! It was so intense, the plot moved swiftly, there are EPIC twists/turns/unveilings, and a delicious swoony romance! Oh, and Celaena kicks some serious ass.

[Celaena] was a weapon forged to end lives.
—Page 217

THIS BOOK WAS SO FULL OF SWOON!!!! I did not expect that! I loved Throne of Glass, but OH. MY. GOD! Crown of Midnight was packed with sexy, swoony scenes and a book boyfriend that will make you blush fifty shades of crimson.

Just the touch of his fingers on her skin could turn her into a feral beast.
—Page 199

I became a HUGE fan of Chaol in Crown of Midnight. I wasn't rooting for him in Throne of Glass because I felt like he never spoke. He was so quiet and withdrawn. But in Crown of Midnight he really comes out of his shell and I LOVED reading from his point of view! He's a great character, and ohmygod he is seeeeeexy! He and Celaena have so much chemistry. Although, I was really disappointed when their relationship kind of fell apart. SO BUMMED! They're so perfect together and I loved all their hot, flirty, swoony scenes! I'm sure there will be more romance between them in future books, but I was still really disappointed when it ended in Crown of Midnight.

And, Crown of Midnight finally shows what a badass Celaena is! I think one of the biggest criticisms of Throne of Glass was that Celaena didn't feel like much of a badass assassin. Well, in Crown of Midnight Celaena completely owns!

"Enough! We have enough enemies as it is! There are worse things out there to face!"

Celaena slowly turned to him, her face splattered with blood and eyes blazing bright. "No there aren't," she said. "Because I'm here now."
—Page 221

There are crazy, maddening, brutal killings, and Celaena finally acts like the assassin she is. We get to see her in action, taking people down! She can be seriously ruthless when she wants to be!

Crown of Midnight was action-packed and entertaining right down to the very last page. Something was constantly happening and there were no slow moments! There are even more hot, badass, and intriguing scenes than in Throne of Glass and I was so bummed when the story ended! I could just keep reading, and reading, and reading. I loved the plot developments and I'm seriously so psyched to see how the series continues!!

Sarah, you have blown me away!!

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Stephanie 3 of 5 stars
Baba Yellowlegs is a queen and I love her. We are soulmates.

But for reals, I had a difficult problem swallowing the severity of Celaena's anger at Chaol, which really made me frustrated with the book overall because I just didn't understand how we got from Point A to Point B. Or why. I get being mad, but THAT mad? IDK.

Also, Dorian. You do you, man.

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~*Full review here on The Bent Bookworm!*

Everyone has read this book already. Everyone, except me. Therefore, I’m departing from my usual format for my Crown of Midnight review. This is a play-by-play of my reactions as I read the book – yes, I kept very detailed notes, down to the page number! I probably could have finished it a lot faster without…but I just couldn’t stop. I also took a lot MORE of these notes in the last half of the book than the first, hehe. It probably goes without saying, but, um…

******SPOILER ALERT!!! For ToG, Books 1 & 2*******

Beginning: Well, hopefully a few people will have become actual adults this time…(you can see my rather unimpressed review of Throne of Glass here)

6 – Ewwwww…glad to see Celaena hasn’t lost her love of the dramatic, I guess?

15 – “Plans” seem a little overrated.

25 – Why is Chaol still so worried about the king? The king is evil. Chaol is not. I don’t understand this loyalty.

29 – I don’t like this Roland person.

31 – WHY SO MANY CLOTHES AND SHOES?!? I don’t understand.

36 –
Unlike Celaena’s [bookshelf], which housed every title she got her hands on, whether she liked the book or not.

THERE’S my girl.

43 – I want a necklace that glows when danger is near, damn it.

74 – And now I miss MY best friend, damn it. Nehemia is the best.

89 – Chaol, you overprotective ASS…you better watch yourself.

91 – Ugh. I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of courtiers/courtesans, male or female (not in this context, anyway). I get that sometimes it’s a lifestyle choice, but in this case it’s pure slavery and…UGH.

92 – I’m a little disturbed that so far the only same sex relationships in this series are portrayed as a taboo thing, something to hide and keep behind closed doors. I get that maybe that’s how Adarlan’s society IS, buuuuut…it seems like it never occurs to anyone, even our heroine, to look at it differently.

111 – Aaaaahhh secret passageways and tunnels!! Or rather, more of them.

138 – Phew. There for a minute I thought we were headed for a love SQUARE. At least now we’re back to love triangle that IS NOT a triangle, according to Dorian. Just keep believing that there, little buddy.

192 – Ok. I love Chaol, as much as he’s flawed and torn by his idea of loyalty. And I feel like my heart is going to be broken by it somewhere along the line…

223 – Now there’s the assassin I’ve been waiting to see!



241 –
Death was her curse and her gift, and death had been her good friend these long, long years.

246 – I’m so sad I don’t even know if I can keep reading this.

(puts book down for about a day)

267 –
Then Celaena and the King of Adarlan smiled at each other, and it was the most terrifying thing Dorian had ever seen.


291 – I love how everyone gets upset and distraught and…runs to the library for their happy place.

294 – Are you kidding me, Chaol?? You’re STILL having twinges of conscience about this bloody tyrant of a king? Or is it Dorian you’re actually worried about? Because that’s slightly more acceptable even if it doesn’t make you any less stupid.

296 – Ooooh is the battle hungry rebel guard a woman?

297 – LOL JK

300 –
“Then you will always have a place here.”

Oh, god, Dorian. Come on now.

309 – Well, that doesn’t reek of LotR AT ALL.

313 – OH MY GOD CHAOL. Just because she’ll never trust you again doesn’t make her a threat to one of her best friends.

328 – Hold on – does it occur to anyone that she’s going to have to walk/climb/run back up ALL THOSE STAIRS? That’s a lot of freakin’ stairs…

339 – Haha. Ok well, glad someone addressed that problem.

357 –
The world didn’t need an assassin with a coward’s heart. It needed someone like Nehemia.

366 – Archer =

373 – Yes, yes beg ALL the gods that will listen.


378 – Okay, any man that will risk his life to save her dog…

379 – Well I knew SOMETHING was coming I just didn’t expect THAT SOMETHING.

Am I the only one that was just…not expecting that AT ALL??

389 – That’s right, call her a good woman. Probably not the best thing you could have said right there.

393 - WAIT WHAT?!?!? SHE KNEW ALL ALONG?????? WTF?!?

398 – “Her” kind, clever prince? WHA?

405 –
“Knowing the truth, whatever it may be, will not change what you must do tomorrow – where you must go.”

Why have I not seen THIS quote on a t-shirt?

408 –
Never forgive, never forget.

Yeah, ok. So. That was one big puddle of feelings and some confusion. I have many mixed…thoughts. I felt this one was much better written than the first (thank you, SJM, for sparing us the many repeated descriptions of Celaena is), and it was overall much more interesting. We learned a lot more about the world, about Celaena’s background (OBviously), as well as Chaol’s, and some new, very interesting characters were introduced (Baba Yellowlegs?? I was so disappointed that she had such a brief part).

I’m so bummed that Nehemia died. And in such a truly SENSELESS way. Actually, bummed doesn’t even begin to describe it. The book itself even states that it was a catalyst, an instigator, that she sacrificed herself in order to goad Celaena into action…WTF?!? That is so wrong and sad on so many levels. I’m extremely disappointed in that aspect. I’ve seen a few different bloggers talk about how in some very popular books, POC are used as plot devices…and I’m guessing that this is one of the chief offenders. No matter how much of an amazing character Nehemia was, the fact is that her death was used as a tool is just beyond sad.

The ending was awesome, though. I love that Celaena is strong enough to say goodbye, even when she knows it is probably goodbye forever, or at least goodbye to the happiness she had. I still love Chaol even if he’s a complete dunderhead, and I have hopes that he will come around. He doesn’t seem to be an ENTIRELY lost cause. And Dorian…I can’t even begin to figure out what’s going on with Dorian. He’s such an utterly nice person, and it kind of makes him boring but I want him to be happy. Oh, and whatever happened to Roland?? Like he was there, and vaguely creepy and unsettling and then he was just…nothing. So confused.

This is such a popular series I’m sure most people who read my blog have read it, so (WITHOUT spoiling the next books, please!), tell me what you think! I’d love to talk about it some more.

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Katie King 3 of 5 stars
Still going strong!

I can see where people thought this dragged though, and the major reveal at the very end I saw coming SEVERAL MILES away. I also think there might be too many things going on at once, and the details get lost or skipped over, leaving me a little confused or saying "hey, wait! what???" Other than that, this was quite enjoyable.

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Carpe Libra 4 of 5 stars
Sarah J. Maas heeft er nu een nieuwe fan bij. De Donkere Kroon heeft totaal geen last van de sequelblues, maar kan zich meten met zijn voorganger. Opnieuw bevat het een spannend en meeslepend verhaal, verteld in de krachtige stijl van Sara J. Maas. Wel zou ik even in het achterhoofd houden dat het een heel ander plot heeft als de Glazen Troon voordat je begint en you’re all set to go. Enjoy :)

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EBookObsessed 3 of 5 stars
There is some good and some not great aspects to this story. Might have continued if this was a trilogy or even a set of four, but it currently shows as possible six books. I am not willing to become that invested.

Be back shortly with a full review.


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Ezrah 5 of 5 stars
This review first appeared on I Heart Romance & YA

Finally! I finished the Throne of Glass sequel a year after I read the first book, Throne of Glass! And I regret NOT reading this (or listening) book ASAP! Why am I so behind with this series? I mean, Crown of Midnight DEVASTATED ME!

Devastated you?

See, something happens here TWICE that I can't even...! I mean, both really left me reeling and I can't seem to move on from that. And this happens a little bit past the halfway mark. And then it gets even more devastating after that.

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Again, I berate myself for waiting so long to read this series. We catch back up with Celaena as she assumes her role as the King's Champion. We get action, adventure, mystery, romance, and pain, so much pain. We learn so much more about Celaena. We learn more about her past, what governs her heart, and her fears. Chaol also gets a bigger part, and YES! But then, NO! It's a roller coaster. I also must admit, I shed some tears. Maas does such an amazing job of pulling you into the story, into the world, into the minds of the characters. I had a lot of questions and emotions to deal with out the end. Stupendous!