Book 1

Silent City

by G. R. Matthews

Published 9 September 2016

Corin Hayes is a broken man. His wife has gone, his daughter murdered and he’s to blame for the death of his work friends. All he has going for him is a dark sarcasm and stubborn streak five kilometres wide. Scraping a living from the job boards, Corin’s only pleasure is to drink himself into oblivion at the end of the evening. When an attractive lady offers him a well-paid job, using the skills he learned in the Navy, he’d be a fool to turn it down.

He has barely settled into his new life and finds everyone around him is dead or dying. Now Corin must use the few skills he still possesses to stay alive and find out who killed them all.

Corin Hayes is a noir thriller, with dark humour, set in the far future where humanity has fled the surface to live in cities beneath the waves. Each novel is a self-contained adventure in the vein of Jack Reacher, Dirk Pitt with a hint of Greg Mandel.

Book 2

Nothing Is Ever Simple

by G. R. Matthews

Published 25 July 2017

Corin’s back and now he has a job and a little money. Life is good, but when are things ever that simple?

Recovering from injuries sustained on his last repair job, he is offered the chance to travel, to leave Tyler’s city, his home, and see a little more of the world under the oceans. An easy job, easy money and a bit of rest, nothing can go wrong.

Book 3

Three Times the Trouble

by G. R. Matthews

Published 29 September 2017

Even when Corin does something right, it all goes wrong. Now he is on the run from criminal gangs and the law.

With danger coming from every direction, can he save the lives of two children as well as his own? It isn't going to be easy, but when has life in the corporation controlled cities ever been.

Book 4

Back in Blue

by G. R. Matthews

Published 30 April 2019

Corin Hayes is back and he's not happy about it.

In the corporation owned cities at the bottom of the ocean, life can be a struggle. The rich have it all, the poor have little but the air in their lungs and even that is owned by someone else. When war erupts between the corporations, Hayes finds himself caught in the middle of it all. Back in the navy and sent on missions which utilise the destructive power of his Fish-Suit, his life is in danger every moment.

An old comrade and a young recruit stand beside him as the submarines set sail and Hayes faces up to the truth of war. Nowhere is safe and death is a single mistake away. However, the biggest threat may not come from the enemy across the ocean, but from the traitors and spies embedded in his own military. If Corin wants to survive the war he must find the traitor before all is lost.