Cover of The Devil's Dreamcatcher

The Devil's Dreamcatcher by Donna Hosie

Published 20 July 2015

Young Adult

Medusa Pallister is about to interview for the most important job of her existence: an internship in Hell's accounting office. If she gets it, she'll report to Septimus, the coolest boss in the underworld. A sequel to The Devil's Intern.

Cover of Thirteen Rising

Thirteen Rising (Zodiac, #4) by Romina Russell

Published 27 November 2017

Young Adult

The master has been unmasked. Rho's world has been turned upside down. With her loved ones in peril and all the stars set against her, can the young Guardian from House Cancer muster the strength to keep fighting? Or has she finally found her match in a master whose ambition to rule knows no limits?

Cover of Down to Fall

Down to Fall (Shady Oaks, #4) by Michelle Areaux

Published 13 February 2019

Young Adult

Just outside of the big city limits of Lexington, Kentucky, the small and mysterious town of Shady Oaks exists. With a eerily welcoming presence, it offers its residents charm, beauty, and secrets. Surrounded by a large forest and rivers, this secluded town provides the perfect scene for supernatural and paranormal events to occur. Only, the humans haven't learned of the secrets their alluring town holds. Or have they?Beautiful and independent Dorry wasn't the type of girl who believed in fairy...

Cover of The Spirit of Canada

The Spirit of Canada by Barbara Hehner

Published 1 October 2000

Young Adult

Cover of Lord Loss

Lord Loss (The Demonata, #1) by D Shan and Darren Shan

Published 6 June 2005

Young Adult

From the international multi-million selling author DARREN SHAN comes a new character, a new scenario, a new set of horrors. LORD LOSS will be devoured by avid Shansters and tingle the spines of many new fans. "The door feels red hot, as though a fire is burning behind it. I press an ear to the wood - but there's no crackle. No smoke. Just deep, heavy breathing! and a curious dripping sound. My hand's on the door knob. Inside the room, somebody giggles - low, throaty, sadistic. There's a rippin...

Cover of Bloodwitch (Book 1)

The first book in an urban fantasy series about loyalty, power, and the rules of survival. Vampires are the only guardians Vance Ehecatl has ever known since he was abandoned by his shapeshifter family. He is grateful to them for generously providing for all of his needs and for offering him a home in the powerful empire of Midnight. But when an act of violence forces Vance from his sheltered life, he’s startled to meet Malachi Obsidian, a fellow shapeshifter with conflicting ideas about Midnigh...

Cover of The Legend of SqueezeboxSqueeze

The Legend of SqueezeboxSqueeze by Mark Shamlian

Published 18 December 2018

Young Adult

Cover of Cinder The Dragon

Cinder The Dragon by Rv Hodge

Published 15 December 2020

Young Adult

Cover of Compulsion

Beautiful Creatures meets The Body Finder in Compulsion, the first novel in a spellbinding new trilogy. All her life, Barrie Watson has been a virtual prisoner in the house where she lived with her shut-in mother. When her mother dies, Barrie promises to put some mileage on her stiletto heels. But she finds a new kind of prison at her aunt's South Carolina plantation instead-a prison guarded by an ancient spirit who long ago cursed one of the three founding families of Watson Island and gave th...

Cover of Ades Fables

Ades Fables by George Ade

Published 1 March 2007

Young Adult

Cover of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

This novel tells the story of Hank Morgan, the quintessential self-reliant New Englander who brings to King Arthur’s Age of Chivalry the “great and beneficent” miracles of nineteenth-century engineering and American ingenuity. Through the collision of past and present, Twain exposes the insubstantiality of both utopias, destroying the myth of the romantic ideal as well as his own era’s faith in scientific and social progress. A central document in American intellectual history, A Connecticut Ya...

Cover of People of the Lake

People of the Lake by Nick Scorza

Published 1 October 2019

Young Adult

An enthralling, historically rich, small-town mystery in which a teen works with her deceased sister to solve an assumed murder. Sixteen-year-old Clara Morris is facing an awkward summer with her father in the tiny upstate town of Redmarch Lake. Clara's relationship with her parents-and with life in general-has been strained since she lost her twin sister, Zoe, when the girls were eight. As a child, her sister had been her whole world-they even shared a secret invented twin language. Clara has...

Cover of All That Burns

All That Burns by Ryan Graudin

Published 10 February 2015

Young Adult

"As newly crowned London royals Emrys and Richard unite mortal and Faery in their new kingdom, a dangerous force gains strength, threatening their love and the world they've built"--

Cover of Demigods Academy - Year Two

Chaos reigns in the arena after Hades, the God of Darkness, claimed Melany for his own clan. Rumors say each student will be trained by their clan’s God, going to live with them. It could be the last time Melany sees her friends… or Lucian.She has no choice, though: she must follow Hades to the Underworld and train with him in his hall.She’ll learn to be stronger and fiercer.She’ll learn to face Hades’ darkness… the same darkness lurking inside her.But what if she likes it?Under the seductive G...

Cover of Aesop's Fables

Aesop's Fables by Alice Shirley

Published 2 November 2009


Well-loved fables with stunning Indian ink illustrations from new talent Alice ShirleyA wonderful gift edition new to the Illustrated Classics seriesForeword by world renowned children's illustrator Michael Foreman A striking new look at Aesop's classic animal fables, reinterpreted and illustrated by Alice Shirley. this lavish new edition contains over 100 fables including all of the well-known classics such as The Hare and the Tortoise and The Fox and the Sour Grapes. A sumptuous book for bo...