Cover of Passing on

Passing on by Penelope Lively

Published 6 April 1989


Passing On is the eighth novel by Booker Prize winning author Penelope Lively.Helen is fifty-two and Edward forty-nine when Dorothy, their mother, dies, ending her reign of terror and leaving them ill-equipped to deal with their lives. Timid, cautious and naive, Helen makes the charming Giles Carnaby, familiy solicitor, the object of a belated schoolgirl crush, while Edward, free to express his sexuality at last, finds it gets the better of him. Dorothy may be dead and buried, but her iron grip...

Cover of The Mother

The Mother by Tess Stimson

Published 18 April 2019


'Dark. Twisty. Addictive. I couldn't put it down' LISA JEWELL She loves her family. She'd never let anything happen to them . . . Would she? On the outside, Maddie is a happy young mother with a new baby. But on the inside, she's afraid. Afraid that her marriage to Lucas isn't what she thought. Afraid that she's having mysterious blackouts where her memories should be. But how can she ask for help when something terrible i...

Cover of How to Bake a New Beginning

How to Bake a New Beginning by Lucy Knott

Published 9 September 2018


All you need is love, laughter and a pinch of Italy! Friendship, family and baking are at the heart of Lucy Osterfeld's debut novel, How to Bake a New Beginning. Perfect for fans of Jenny Oliver, Carole Mathews and Lucy Diamond.

Cover of Last Mile: Vicious Cycle 3

For fans of Sons of Anarchy, Kristen Ashley, Madeline Sheehan and Joanna Wylde. New York Times bestselling author Katie Ashley revs up the danger and sexual tension in her Vicious Cycle biker romance series.When ATF agent Samantha Vargas's partner takes on a case to infiltrate the Hells Raiders MC, Samantha agrees to go undercover as his old lady. Determined to take down anyone involved in the drug trade, she is surprised to find herself drawn to the very man she is investigating. Mechanic Benja...

Cover of Tempting the Bride: Fitzhugh Book 3

Fans of Grace Burrowes, Liz Carlyle, Meredith Duran, Sarah Maclean and Courtney Milan will be enthralled by the dazzling talent of Sherry Thomas in this thrilling romance in which a headstrong beauty is rescued by the notorious rake she has always despised...Helena Fitzhugh understands that the discovery of her secret love affair will ruin her. So to save her reputation, she reluctantly elopes with David Hillsborough, Viscount Hastings. The notorious rake has tormented her all her life. Helena...

Cover of The Majesties

The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao

Published 21 January 2020


Best Books to Read in August - The Independent Gwendolyn and Estella are as close as sisters can be. But now Gwendolyn is lying in a coma, the sole survivor after Estella poisons their entire family. As Gwendolyn struggles to regain consciousness, she desperately retraces her memories, trying to uncover the moment that led to such a brutal act. Journeying from the luxurious world of Indonesia's rich and powerful, to the spectacular shows of Paris Fashion Week, and the melting pot of Melbour...

Cover of The Letter

The Letter by Maria Duffy

Published 1 July 2013


Ellie's wedding is only weeks away, but when a secret comes to light, her plans for the future suddenly don't seem so certain... Ellie Duggan is getting married in seven weeks. But just before she sets off for a fun-filled New York hen party weekend, she finds a letter addressed to her sister Caroline. Dated only weeks before Caroline died in a tragic accident, it contains some startling information which forces Ellie to face some truths about herself, Caroline's death - and even her forthcomin...

Cover of One Perfect Summer

One Perfect Summer by Brenda Novak

Published 7 April 2020


Cover of The Wild Card

Beginning in the year 1929, this is the intensely gripping story of the relationships that develop between two families. Liam, a surly young man who is 'the wild card' of the novel, becomes entangled with Christine and with the British activities of the IRA. Ned, Christine's younger brother, an insecure and frail character, allows himself to be carried along in their savage and uncontrollable relationship, until the spotlight is turned on him and his affections for Liam. Meanwhile, at t...

Cover of The Accidental Beauty Queen

The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson

Published 4 December 2018


'Teri Wilson is the Queen of Romantic Comedy!' Sarah Morgan'The Accidental Beauty Queen effortlessly delivers on all of the charm and emotion you hope for in a romantic comedy. Utterly enchanting' Lauren Layne, New York Times bestselling authorIn this charming romantic comedy, perfect for fans of Miss Congeniality, critically acclaimed author Teri Wilson (creator of Hallmark movies Unleashing Mr Darcy and Marrying Mr Darcy) shows us that sometimes being pushed out of your comfort zone leads you...

Cover of Music Across the Mersey

Music Across the Mersey by Geraldine O'Neill

Published 16 March 2017


In 1940s Dublin, handsome Johnny Cassidy is widowed, out of work and lost as to how to look after his four children. Broken-hearted, he's tempted to look for the answer at the bottom of a beer glass, and it takes another calamity for him to realise help sometimes comes from the strangest places. With Johnny's family over the sea in Liverpool, it's his wife's spinster cousin who comes to the rescue. Nora's well-ordered life is turned upside down by this brood of children to keep fed, schooled an...

Cover of The Leaving Of Liverpool

The Leaving Of Liverpool by Maureen Lee

Published 7 March 2007


'It's not the leaving of Liverpool that's grieving me, but my darling when I think of thee...' It is a cold February night in 1925 when two teenage sisters - Mollie and Annemarie Kenny - escape from their home in a tiny Irish village. Their beloved mother has died and the girls have suffered shocking abuse at the hands of their doctor father. With sensitive, creative Annemarie so traumatised she can barely remember her name, Mollie decides they should make a new life for themselves and she takes...

Cover of Walking My Baby Back Home

Walking My Baby Back Home by Joan Jonker

Published 5 February 1998


Ever since Dot Baker lost her husband in the war she's tried to keep his memory alive. But when John Kershaw turns up on her doorstep, she can't blame her kids, Katy and Colin, for wanting another man about the house. John's the boss of a local factory, and a kind and caring man who can't seem to do enough for the Bakers and their friends and neighbours. He defends Mary Campbell when she is attacked by her violent husband; he encourages Colin and Katy in all that they do; and he puts a smile on...

Cover of The Dutch House Low Price CD

The Dutch House Low Price CD by Ann Patchett

Published 5 January 2021


Cover of The Surprising Days of Isla Pembroke

Some days you remember forever. But what if you could live them again? If Isla Pembroke could turn back time, she knows exactly which days of her life she would change. The day she started working in the local aquarium, not knowing that she'd still be stuck there seven years later. The day her sister Morgan ran away from home. And, most of all, the day that changed everything, when her mother's death cracked her family in two. So when she's given an impossible gift - a chance to go back and reli...

Cover of The Twins

The Twins by Saskia Sarginson

Published 1 January 2013


The Richard and Judy Bestseller. 'Outstandingly good. Part-thriller, part-love story, I guarantee you will not be able to put it down' Sun They were identical in every wayUntil the unthinkable tore them apart Isolte and Viola are twins. Inseparable as children, they've grown into very different adults: Isolte, a successful features writer for a fashion magazine with a photographer boyfriend and a flat in London, and Viola, desperately unhappy and struggling with a lifelong eating disorder....

Cover of Long Time Comin', A

Long Time Comin', A by Robin W Pearson

Published 7 January 2020


Cover of Private Lies

Private Lies by Muna Shehadi

Published 10 December 2019


'A wonderful read with evocative descriptions and enough family secrets to create a gripping journey of discovery' Woman What happens when you discover that your glamorous movie star mother could never have given birth to you? Fans of Lucinda Riley, Santa Montefiore and Rachel Hore will be gripped by Muna Shehadi's Private Lies. 'Captures your interest straightaway' 5* reader review 'I adored many twists and turns. I recommend this book highly' 5* reader review The three daughters...