Rubbing my hands together in glee...

Within minutes of starting the audio of Lord of the Fading Lands, I knew I was in love. My heart started fluttering, I was looking around wanting to share my glee and smiling like a loon with love for a new EPIC series. Yes, it probably seems a little extreme since I had only been listening for a couple of minutes, but sometimes, you just KNOW.

Well, I was right and I BLOODY LOVED IT!!

The characters came to life, the storyline was riveting and the promise of a true mate kind of love had me desperate to use every minute I had spare to listen. I even stood at the door to work contemplating turning around. I didn't, but it was a close call.

This was the start of the series and I know I will definitely be reading or listening to each instalment. The good guys need to fight the bad guys. The heroine is coming to realise that she has magic in her but doesn't have any idea how much or how to use it. There are court intrigues, cattiness and posturing, mixed with the usual, my jewel is bigger than yours.

I'll be honest, at the end of the story, my head shot up in shock. I had no idea that I'd reached the end. It seemed to just come out of nowhere. It's just a wee bit of a CLIFFHANGER!! Well, sorta-kinda...cliffy, more like...we've given you a lot to take in, how about a recess to let your heart rate go back to normal.

I think the narrator does a marvellous job. Her voice was easy to listen to and very clear and I would not hesitate to listen to her narrate again.

If you're a fan of paranormal/fantasy romance, I highly suggest giving Lord of the Fading Lands a try. For that matter, I highly recommend C.L. Wilson, as her stories, the ones I've read so far, are exactly what I look for in this genre.

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