Wake the Bones by Elizabeth Kilcoyne

Wake the Bones

by Elizabeth Kilcoyne

The sleepy little farm that Laurel Early grew up on has awakened. The woods are shifting, the soil is dead under her hands, and her bone pile just stood up and walked away.

After dropping out of college, all she wanted was to resume her life as a tobacco hand and taxidermist and try not to think about the boy she can’t help but love. Instead, a devil from her past has returned to court her, as he did her late mother years earlier. Now, Laurel must unravel her mother’s terrifying legacy and tap into her own innate magic before her future and the fate of everyone she loves is doome

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This story follows Laurel Early who decides to drop out of college and move back home. Home as it turns out is haunted. And her and her three friends gotta figure out what the hell is happening.

Now I will say this is set in a small southern town. So the kids all grew up tending the Tabasco fields and Laurel Early enjoys being a taxidermist in her free time. But because of this setting I say it’s a little hard to classify the book- I think this book is more YA Horror than it is fantasy.

There is some magic but it’s just a little. And it’s really loosely explained.

I think the only thing I was disappointed in is that we do get a pretty interesting character who sees visions, etc. and I felt like we didn’t get enough of her!!

There is of course lots of teenage angst, lots of “I don’t want to stay in this small town” versus “the world outside the small town is scary you should stay” arguments.

Overall though - this book is creepy. Some of the decisions they make don’t always make sense. And I wish the magic was maybe more fleshed out.

It is though refreshingly different! I feel like you don’t see too many books in the YA genre like this (or at least I haven’t come upon them yet). It’s got a toned down Stephen King feel to it.

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