It is hard to describe how amazing this book was, because this one was gorgeous beyond words.
She never seems to disappoint and gets better with every book.

I LOVE the Shadowhunter world, to get back into it and feel like I'm home again.

I LOVED this novel so much, it is just a complete package, a story full with action, intrigue, mystery, love, family and a great plot that keeps surprising me.
It is not just one or two characters you fall for, but an entire book full with great characters that you grow to love. The whole Blackthorn family, Emma, Cristina, Diana, Kieran and other, well-known characters from the previous books find a way to your heart and hold on to it.

And that ending ? Heart-breaking !!!

And now ?? WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR TWO YEARS. TWO YEARS PEOPLE !!!! Wish it was 2019 already..

If it was possible I would give this one 10 stars XD So great !!!

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