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Paris is a city associated with lights, love, and culinary delights. Henry and Rosie were both making their way there to join an elite high school culinary program, which was an important stepping stone for them both. For Rosie, it was a way for her to discover the world outside of her small town. For Henry, it was a way for him to prove to his mother, that he had the talent and the ability to succeed in the culinary world. But, would there also be room them to find love?

As always, Strohm provided me with an adorable story. The banter was on point, and I laughed quite often, but this was also a little different from her previous three books. Those leaned heavily on the comedy part of rom-com, and this book, while quite funny, featured more tender and heartfelt moments.

Many of those moments starred Rosie. She really tugged at my heartstrings. Her backstory and the interactions with her family were all quite touching. The texts from her brothers always made me laugh, and her mother's endless support and love never failed to deliver some feels.

This book incorporated many elements I love, and together resulted in a great reading experience.

• The setting - I love Paris, and Strohm did a great job taking us into the city. Not only did she bring us to some popular places, but she gave us a pretty immersive eating experience too.

• Boarding school - I have an affinity for stories set in boarding schools, and we get that dynamic combined with the fervor of a reality cooking show and high school antics.

• The food! - This was a culinary school, and there was a LOT of cooking, baking, and eating going on. Strohm must be a foodie, because the descriptions were quite vivid and mouth-watering.

• The characters - What a fun group of characters! Each one had their own little quirk, and combined to form one fantastic friend group.

• The friendships were strong in this one. They may have been competing against one another, but they were still always there to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on. They supported and encouraged each other, and there were a lot of awww-worthy moments shared.

• The romance was adorable. Yes, there was some miscommunication, or rather, a lack thereof, and also some misinterpreted signals, but there were also a bunch of tender and sweet moments, and I thought Henry and Rosie were precious together.

Overall: This book was a tasty treat stuffed with an adorable romance, fantastic friendships, lots of heartwarming moments, and tons of food!

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