Lost by P C Cast, Kristin Cast

Lost (House of Night Other Worlds, #2)

by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

The moment Other Kevin returns to his world trouble begins...

Back in Tulsa, things have settled down since Zoey closed the tear between worlds.

But Zoey knows the truth. In the Other World her brother is using Old Magick, unaware of the dangers it holds. She knows she must help him - after all, he's her little brother.

Though, in doing so, she may just have to lose those she loves...

From the bestselling authors of The House of Night series comes a new series following the kick-ass heroine that is Zoey Redbird.

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What will happen to Other Kevin when he tries to do the right thing?

Lost by PC and Kristen Cast is a remarkable and fantastically good book. I loved it so much, and I am hoping they will have another book in this excellent series. We get to see more of Other Kevin’s world in this one, and I loved that we did while not seeing much of Zoey’s world. I loved the characters as well, and this is just a remarkable book.

What I liked about this book:

  • As you can see from up above, I have a lot to say about what I loved about this book. I do love this Other Kevin since he is a good character that is coming out loud and clear in this series.

  • Also, I loved that we get some characters back from the dead in this book. It was good to see them again.

  • I also liked the Other World and how it is the same but different from Zoey’s. Since it is good to see what could have happened to Zoey’s world had she not been alive long enough to stop Neferet.

  • I also loved how in this book it wasn’t so Zoey-based which is good, but I did miss some of Zoey’s friends.

  • Another thing that I liked is how Zoey came to a decision even if Stark didn’t like it at all.

  • I also loved both Aphrodite and Other Aphrodite. Especially this quote from Other Aphrodite in Chapter 20 Other Kevin page 215

“Get enough to fill four or five big bags. Oh, and don’t forget some boy pajamas. Keep this in mind when choosing pjs – I do not want to see your flopping wiener through them, so get something lined.”

When I read that, I cracked up laughing, and after I read it to my mom, she did too. I especially like the two different Aphrodite’s when we get further into the book.

What I disliked about this book:

  • I didn’t like with how Zoey kept on worrying about Other Kevin since she told him as much as she could. Especially with her baby brother is still alive and well in her world despite not being like her.

  • Okay so this next one isn’t a dislike, but I feel bad for all of Zoey’s friends, and boyfriend, are trying to help her, but she won’t talk it out with them.

  • I do dislike how Stark doesn’t trust that Zoey does love him and that she won’t see Other Heath.

  • My next dislike is how Other Neferet seems more evil than Zoey’s Neferet. Okay, so I know that right there has to happen since she is the evil character but wow.

  • My last dislike is how everyone that was a blue fledgling and vampyre sees that Neferet wasn’t evil is still crazy to me.

What I am curious about for the next book:

I am interested if we will have another book. Hopefully, we will. And how it will play out for both Zoey and Other Kevin.

Five Stars

Lost by PC and Kristin Cast is a splendid book that I am recommending to anyone that loves young adult books, vampires, and of course House of Night. I also saw some significant character development for Zoey which I loved. Oh, and I am giving this book five stars.

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