The Hand of the Sun King by J.T. Greathouse

The Hand of the Sun King (Pact and Pattern, #1)

by J.T. Greathouse

'Hands down the best debut of the year. Scratch that; this is one of the best debuts I've ever read' Novel Notions

'A great coming of age story about a foolish boy who seeks to unravel the secrets of magic and maybe do something good in the process. I absolutely loved it' Nick Martell

My name is Wen Alder. My name is Foolish Cur.

All my life, I have been torn between two legacies: that of my father, whose roots trace back to the right hand of the Emperor. That of my mother's family, who reject the oppressive Empire and embrace the resistance.

I can choose between them - between protecting my family, or protecting my people - or I can search out a better path . . . a magical path, filled with secrets, unbound by empire or resistance, which could shake my world to its very foundation.

But my search for freedom will entangle me in a war between the gods themselves . . .

The first book in the Pact and Pattern series. Fans of Robin Hobb, Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn and R.F. Kuang's The Poppy War will love the magic running through every page.

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'An original fantasy filled with magic and culture, the story of a character torn between two names, two loyalties, and two definitions of good and evil' Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author

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4 of 5 stars


It was good, but I'm not sure how I feel about the direction it took at the end with all the “pattern” stuff.

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