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I liked this story, but it did not wow me. If you are looking for romance, then this is not a book for you. The main characters became a couple, but the focus was more on pack politics and survival.

The Last Wolf, the first book in The Legend of All Wolves, tells the story of Silver Nilsdottir and Tiberius Leveraux. Silver is a member of the Great North Park, an ancient breed and the first of their kind to relocate to North America.

Because of a birth defect, Silver is at the lower echelon of the pack, destined to be a slave. At the moment she was to face her destiny, a wounded shifter seeking refuge entered their midst. To save him from death at the hands of her pack members, she offered to become his protector, which released her from becoming a slave. This would prove a risk as they both faced the possibility of being exiled if the Pack did not consider the stranger worthy to become a part of them. In addition, he is keeping a secret, which has the potential to destroy the pack.

The prologue provided a history of how the pack ended up living in North America. We also see how the enmity between shifters and werewolves originated. The events which occurred were interesting, which had me looking forward to the rest of the story. However, it did not go as expected. I found the pacing to be slow, and it took me some time to get into the story. In addition, I found parts of the story difficult to follow. I had to reread several paragraphs in my aim to grasp the Pack’s rules and behaviours among other things. The story yielded a few laughs and some awkward moments. Narrated from the POV of the heroine, the story treats readers to her perspective, but I feel it would have more of an impact if Tiberius’s POV was introduced.

Silver and Tiberius had a lot in common. They were both damaged physically and emotionally. Tiberius refused to embrace his wolf as result. Silver is determined, resilient, loyal, smart and somewhat impulsive, while Tiberius was strong and protective. I enjoyed getting to know them as individuals, but I found it difficult to connect with them as a couple.

I found the world building unique. Pack members and shifters were sworn enemies and would kill each other when the opportunity arises. The pack members were wolves who changed to humans. Some were not comfortable being humans but did so as a means of survival. Shifters were humans who changed to wolves and preferred to embrace their human sides. The laws and customs of the pack were strange and gruesome. For example, whatever they killed, had to be eaten, which led to a few stomach-turning moments.

I received an ARC through Netgalley, but never got around to reading. I purchased a copy earlier this year and just as I was about to read it I discovered it was in Audible Escape, so I listened to the audio. It was my first time listening to Rachel Dulude. I enjoyed her portrayal of Silver. She brought the story to life, which made it easy to listen.

Overall, I found The Last Wolf to be an interesting start to the series.

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