Impostor by Susanne Winnacker

Impostor (Variants)

by Susanne Winnacker

Training with a secret branch of the FBI, Tessa uses her shape-shifting ability to pose as a dead girl to catch a serial killer in a small Oregon town.

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3½ Stars.
Not often does a book surprise me but Impostor was not only incredibly entertaining, but almost impossible to walk away from. It follows Tessa, she's barely been to school and never leaves the FEA compound, she trains to control her Variant ability. Tessa can infuse the DNA of others and take on their persona, great when you're trying to steal your first kiss posed as Alec's girlfriend, not so much when you're trying to lure a serial killer into the open before they strike again. Considering she's just been pushed into danger, Tessa takes it all in her stride, but Alec seemingly understands her better than she does herself and risks not only his own safety, but that of his relationship to protect the girl that has always simply been his friend.

It reminded me a little of the original Vampire Academy, only much more engaging and minus the instant love and overused tropes. It was unique and original and the storyline flowed beautifully. The intrigue of finding the killer felt a little lackluster at times, with Tessa more preoccupied with fending off attempts by Madison's former boyfriend at reuniting, trying not to see her brother Devon as more as simply Madison's brother and unraveling the secret that was on the verge of being exposed when Madison was brutally attacked. But underneath it all was a girl who struggles with issues of abandonment, coming of age and unrequited love.

Overall, it was incredibly entertaining and enjoyable. This is a series that I'll definitely be continuing with and look forward to reading book two, Defector.

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