These rules apply to any content you submit or upload to Bookhype or its associated services ("Services"). These rules are an extension of our wider terms of service; they're meant to serve as a quick reference to our community content rules and policy.

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  1. You must have permission to use all content you submit (you must either own the copyright or have a legal license to use the content in the manner in which you've submitted it).
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Review rules and guidelines:

  1. Spoilers should be safely hidden using the "Spoiler" feature. Spoilers that are not correctly hidden may be modified or hidden by Bookhype.
  2. You may only post a public review for a book that you have read, or attempted to read but didn't finish. Reviews are not a place to express general excitement (or lack thereof) for a title. If you wish to post remarks about a book you have not read, the review must be made private.

Violation of these rules may result in one or more of the following:

  1. Account suspension.
  2. Account termination.
  3. Content removal.
  4. Content modification.