The Poison Pen: A Scottish Bookshop Mystery (A Scottish Bookshop Mystery, #9)

by Paige Shelton

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Book cover for The Poison Pen

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When Delaney's boss's friend claims to have found something on her property, an estate in the village of Roslin, Edwin sends Delaney out to investigate. Could Jolie possibly have in her possession a priceless relic, a Crusader Sword? But when Delaney arrives at Jolie's estate, she is greeted by a legal team with a vested interest in the property. Delaney and Jolie manage to remove the intruders, but as they're examining the antique sword, they hear a scream, and meet a much less welcome discovery: a body.

As Delaney digs deeper, she discovers Jolie's own fascinating history. Jolie's mother had long claimed that her daughter was the rightful heir to the throne, not Elizabeth II, because of an affair she claimed to have with King Edward VIII. The only evidence, however, is in the form of a journal that one of Edward’s secretaries kept. The puzzles become more confusing when a connection is uncovered between this far-fetched story and the murdered man. And shortly thereafter, the journal goes missing. Delaney will have to read between the lines to put together the pieces... or become history herself.
  • ISBN10 1250890608
  • ISBN13 9781250890603
  • Publish Date 13 May 2024 (first published 9 April 2024)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Minotaur Books,US