Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 45 (Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files, #45)

by John Wagner, Gordon Rennie, Robbie Morrison, Pat Mills, and Alan Grant

Simon Coleby (Artist), Ian Gibson (Artist), Colin MacNeil (Artist), Henry Flint (Artist), David Roach (Artist), Mike Collins (Artist), Cliff Robinson (Artist), John Hicklenton (Artist), Boo Cook (Artist), Tan Eng Huat (Artist), Simon Fraser (Artist), Paul Marshall (Artist), and Smudge (Artist)

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Book cover for Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 45

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Cybernetic ex-soldier Nate Slaughterhouse – AKA Mandroid – was last seen rampaging through Mega-City One on a vigilante killing spree. Hellbent on avenging the murder of his son and finding his missing wife, Slaughterhouse took the law into his own hands. But Mega-City One only knows one law, and his name is Dredd. The infamous Judge stopped Mandroid in his tracks and sent him to the Iso-cubes. Now, it’s two years later and Nate Slaughterhouse wants revenge…

The best-selling series collecting the law in order continues in this explosive volume written by John Wagner (A History of Violence), Gordon Rennie (Warhammer), Robbie Morrison (The Authority), Pat Mills (Marshal Law) and Alan Grant (Batman), with art by Simon Coleby (The Punisher 2099), Ian Gibson (The Ballad of Halo Jones), Colin MacNeil (Devlin Waugh), Henry Flint (Rogue Trooper), David Roach (Demon), Mike Collins (Superman), Cliff Robinson (Vector 13), John Hicklenton (Heavy Metal Dredd), Boo Cook (Doctor Who), Tan Eng Huat (Doom Patrol), Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante), Paul Marshall (Sinister Dexter) and Smudge (Chiaroscuro).

  • ISBN10 1837862567
  • ISBN13 9781837862566
  • Publish Date 12 September 2024
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher Rebellion
  • Imprint 2000 AD Graphic Novels
  • Format Paperback (US Trade)
  • Pages 304
  • Language English