Cover of Captain America: Reborn

Captain America: Reborn by Ed Brubaker

Published 7 April 2010


Cover of Captain America: Man & Wolf

Captain America: Man & Wolf by Mark Gruenwald

Published 2 February 2011


Cover of Korvac Saga: Warzones! Tpb

Korvac Saga: Warzones! Tpb by Dan Abnett

Published 1 December 2015


"Stranded on 21st century Earth, the 31st century Guardians finally have a chance to locate the anomaly that is ripping the past, present and future of the Universal Time-stream apart. Plus: Lord Michael Korvac governs the Forest Hills, but his domain is threatened by rival lords, chaotic threats from beyond the Wall, and, worst of all, a dark madness that is spreading through the population. Led by the noble Major Victory, Korvac's loyal Guardians must find the source of the evil before it corr...

Cover of Poison by Billy Barfield Jr.

Poison by Billy Barfield Jr. by Billy Barfield Jr

Published 19 September 2016


Cover of X-men: Manifest Destiny

X-men: Manifest Destiny

Published 27 May 2009


Cover of Vyasa:

Vyasa: by Sibaji Bandyopadhyay

Published 1 June 2017


Cover of The Maxx: Maxxed Out, Vol. 3

Sam Kieth’s opus The Maxx is collected here in all its freshly-colored glory. Taking remastered pages from The Maxx: Maxximized, this new volume collects the final issues of the series, #25-35. Originally published by Image Comics starting in 1993, The Maxx became a cult hit of independent comics spawning a TV show on MTV. The series follows its titular hero in the real world as a vagrant and in an alternate reality called The Outback, where he sees himself as a superhero and protector of the J...

Cover of Spider-man 2099 Vol. 6

Spider-man 2099 Vol. 6 by Peter David

Published 12 September 2017


Cover of Eternal Warrior Volume 2

Eternal Warrior Volume 2 by Greg Pak

Published 8 July 2014

Young Adult

THE COMING OF...4001 A.D.! Two thousand years from today, the planet has been transformed by science, technology...and war. The centuries have not been kind to the Earth's own undying warrior, but a battle that could change everything is only just beginning for the Eternal Emperor and the tattered remnants of humanity under his protection. Will this be a new dawn for the age of heroes - or its death knell? And what uncanny confluence of science, myth, and magic has rendered the world - and its o...

Cover of Van Helsing vs The Werewolf

Van Helsing vs The Werewolf by Chuck Dixon

Published 17 April 2018

Young Adult

A brutal werewolf attack on a high mountain ledge! A heist in the Forbidden City. An epic kung-fu brawl at the airport! A battle with a vampire at 35,000 feet! A horrific crash I the Himalayas! And that's only the start of the newest Liesel Van Helsing adventure! The legendary vampire killer is on a global hunt for the Sword of Heaven, the ultimate demon-killing weapon.

Cover of Dragon's Claws

Dragon's Claws by Simon Furman

Published 6 October 2008