Once Upon A Time: Heartbreaker: The Heartbreaker Prince (Royal & Ruthless) / Crown Prince's Chosen Bride / the Things She Says

by Kim Lawrence, Kandy Shepherd, and Kat Cantrell

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The Heartbreaker Prince by Kim Lawrence

Socialite Hannah Latimer has left her glamorous lifestyle behind to prove her worth by becoming an aid worker. But when she’s captured by an oppressive regime, her only means of escape is arrogant Prince Kamel of Surana. And the price…? Marriage! Forced to take Hannah as his bride, to avoid war with a neighbouring kingdom, Kamel has little patience for the pampered princess. There’s no love between them, but there will be passion…

Crown Prince's Chosen Bride by Kandy Shepherd

Chef Gemma Harper is on a dating break, so the last thing she needs is gorgeous stranger Tristan tempting her into a fling…especially when he’s revealed as the Crown Prince of Montovia! Gemma knows forever isn’t possible with duty-bound Tristan, but she’s determined to make every moment count. And when Tristan throws out the royal rulebook, a happy-ever-after might be within Gemma’s grasp…

The Things She Says by Kat Cantrell

One wrong turn on the road and heartthrob director Kristian Demetrious is breaking his first rule: don’t get involved. Sassy VJ Lewis needs his help – and a lift to Dallas. Kris wants to give her both, but his career depends on arriving without giving into the passion VJ ignites in him. As denying temptation gets harder with every mile, this road trip starts to take a whole new direction….

  • ISBN13 9780263323030
  • Publish Date 29 February 2024
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint Mills & Boon