Cover of The Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress

Life has taught Prince Vereham al a'Karim bin Hakar to control his emotions. Duty to his kingdom drives the enigmatic sheikh. But one unexpected, intensely sexy encounter with inexperienced Samantha McLellan shakes Vere's steely control. And when he discovers that Sam could be betraying his country, he decides to blackmail her-into being his mistress!

Cover of Bauhinia Junction

Bauhinia Junction by Margaret Way

Published 8 October 1971


Cover of The Prince

One man taught her to love She left her old life for him. Now Nora is torn in two. Wanting to fit into this new, innocent relationship, yet relentlessly hungering for her darker self...and Soren, the man she left behind. While Nora's trying on innocence for size, Soren is stepping ever further into decadence, determined to block out the agony of watching Nora walk away. Will she ever choose to return to their life of glorious, ad...

Cover of Studs and Stilettos

Studs and Stilettos by Bev Pettersen

Published 3 December 2013


Cover of The Fall of Maggie Brown

The Fall of Maggie Brown by Anne Stuart

Published 1 January 2014


Cover of Endure

Endure by Roxie Odell

Published 29 November 2016


Cover of Boot Camp Bride

Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb

Published 1 November 2013


Cover of Avalon

Avalon by Angela Lain

Published 6 November 2017


Cover of Cooking Up Trouble

Cooking Up Trouble by Judi Lynn

Published 12 April 2016


Cover of The Italian Billionaire's Pregnant Bride

Check mate! Waitress by day, office cleaner by night, Kathy Galvin has put her painful past behind her. Until her impossibly rich, ruthless and handsome Sergio Torrente wrongfully accuses her of theft. With her future hanging on the outcome of a chess game, Kathy sacrifices her innocence for her freedom. Unable to work beneath Sergio's searing gaze, Kathy quits without realising that she's been left with a precious consequen...

Cover of The Agent's Redemption

The Agent's Redemption FBI agent Jared Bell will do anything to stop the killer he's been hunting for six years. So when The Bride Butcher strikes again, he stages an engagement with Rebecca Drummond. But now Jared realises all he wants is a chance to say `I do'... Texas Takedown When security expert Dylan Jacobs locates missing Samantha Turner, she tells him she's being stalked. Dylan commits to keeping Samantha safe...

Cover of Christmas Camp

Christmas Camp by Karen Schaler

Published 16 October 2018


From Karen Schaler, the award-winning writer of the Netflix viral hit A Christmas Prince, comes a Christmas story chock full of festive spirit! Haley 'the Grinch' Hanson's idea of the perfect Christmas is escaping into work and avoiding all the traditional distractions. Over the years, she's sacrificed her personal life to climb the ladder at a prestigious advertising agency. Now she just needs to land a coveted Christmas toy company account to make partner. But first, her boss thinks she needs...

Cover of Just Another Silly Love Song

Just Another Silly Love Song by Rich Amooi

Published 16 April 2020


Cover of Devil's Mount

Devil's Mount by Anne Mather

Published 13 August 1976


Cover of Ooh, Baby!

Ooh, Baby! (Halo Island, #3) by Ann Roth

Published 1 January 2009


Running a business and being a temporary mommy to her sister's seven-month-old are two full-time jobs. The last thing Lily Gleason needs is to be audited! Then the Halo Island jewelry designer meets her new accountant. Honorable, straightforward Carter Boyle is a man who inspires trust. He's also sexy, single...and Lily is thrilled at the way he's immediately bonding with her infant niece. Has Mr. Right finally come along? From the moment Lily walks in...

Cover of One More Kiss

One More Kiss by Kim Amos

Published 6 October 2015


Cover of Help Yourself

Help Yourself by Rachel Michael Arends

Published 1 January 2015


When it's time to change your life for the better, everyone could use a little help. Merry Strand is spinning her wheels in her rural mountain hometown when Fritz Forth, her late father's attorney, suddenly appears with a strange and wonderful proposition. Merry has a substantial inheritance coming, he says... but it's conditional. Merry must accompany Fritz to the Atlantic coast and complete a series of life-improving tasks to earn her windfall. Like a fussy fairy godfather, Fritz promises to...