The Eye Of The World (Wheel of Time, #1)

by Robert Jordan

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Book cover for The Eye Of The World

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When their village is attacked by terrifying creatures, Rand al’Thor and his friends are forced to flee for their lives. An ancient evil is stirring, and its servants are scouring the land for the Dragon Reborn – the prophesised hero who can deliver the world from darkness.

In this Age of myth and legend, the Wheel of Time turns. What was, what may be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan is the first novel of The Wheel of Time – one of the most influential and popular fantasy epics ever published. Now Orbit presents this deluxe, limited-edition printing of this fantasy masterpiece that is the ultimate collector’s volume.

Endorsed by the Robert Jordan estate, this luxurious new hardback edition features a never-before-seen, gold-foiled illustration on the front cover, exclusive gold-foil illustrations on both sides of the slipcase, an exclusive new Two Rivers illustration as front endpapers, the classic Wheel of Time world map as back endpapers, an exclusive foreword from international bestselling fantasy author Brent Weeks, plus sprayed edges, head and tail bands and a gold ribbon marker.

There will only be 1,000 individually-numbered copies of this deluxe collector’s edition printed.

  • ISBN13 9780356519470
  • Publish Date 8 December 2022 (first published 15 January 1990)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Orbit