Hidden Heirs: A Double Secret: Pregnant with His Royal Twins / His Two Royal Secrets / the Queen's New Year Secret

by Louisa Heaton, Caitlin Crews, and Maisey Yates

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Book cover for Hidden Heirs: A Double Secret

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A lot can change in one year…

Midwife Freya has stuck to night shifts after she was injured in an acid attack. But a hospital costume ball offers her the chance to hide her scars and enjoy a passionate encounter with a handsome stranger. Leaving her pregnant…with twins! Desert prince Jameel fought hard for his medical career, and he’ll fight for kind, courageous Freya and their babies too!

For one passionate night, in a strangers’ arms, Pia had felt beautiful and free…free of being the lonely, overlooked heiress to her family’s millions. Then Pia learns she’s carrying the Crown Prince of Atilia’s twins! Ruthless Ares is determined to claim his secret heirs, but he won’t – can’t – promise Pia more. And Pia’s secret? She’s falling inescapably in love with her dark-hearted Prince…

On New Year’s Eve, Queen Tabitha – refusing to live in a loveless marriage – asks her husband for a divorce. But anger erupts into passion, and when Tabitha flees the palace, she’s carrying King Kairos’s heir! Discovering her secret, Kairos kidnaps his wife and – against the backdrop of his secluded island paradise – proves that desire has gone unsated between them for too long…

  • ISBN13 9780263318531
  • Publish Date 19 January 2023
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint Mills & Boon