Cover of Whisked Away By Her Millionaire Boss / His Unexpected Twins

Whisked Away by her Millionaire Boss by Nina Milne Swept into his glamorous world...Will she fall for the tycoon? His Unexpected Twins by Carrie Nichols A temporary fling..Or a forever family Firefighter Liam McBride is back home for the summer, and Ellie Harding, his sister's friend is perfectly willing to shelve her dreams of a forever family while they hav...

Cover of Risking Her Heart On The Trauma Doc / The Gp's Secret Baby Wish

Dare she take a leap? Dr Jess plans to use her time on a small Scottish island to rebuild her life, after a recent blow stole the future she dreamed of. Only Dr Adam is a complication she didn't expect! Could he be her future? Lily has long learned to protect her heart. But Lily's rulebook is about to disappear, because ex-fling Max is her new colleague! And it's getting harder to ignore their connection - or the famil...

Cover of One Sweet Ride: Play-By-Play Book 6

One Sweet Ride is the sixth sizzling, exciting novel in the Play-By-Play series from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton. Perfect for fans of Lori Foster, Maya Banks and Jill Shalvis.To get what you want, you have to move fast. Gray Preston was born into money, but he's built his racing empire on hard work and muscle. And now that Gray has millions of fans, his senator father sends one of his aides, Evelyn Hill, to elicit Gray's help in garnering votes for the upcoming national electio...

Cover of Melting The Trauma Doc's Heart

He ran away from his past... Is she a reason to stop running? Trauma doctor Zac Cameron escaped the horrors of the battlefield and settled in a small community hospital. He's just about coping until an unexpected visitor-renowned surgeon Dr. Olivia Donaldson-whirls into town. She might be his boss's estranged daughter, but their chemistry's instant-and irresistible! Yet Zac's emotions are completely off-limits, unless Olivia's the one wh...

Cover of His Convenient New York Bride / Cooking Up Romance

His Convenient New York Bride by Andrea Bolter A secret, a deal... ...a New York wedding! Fashion designer Mimi's been in love with her brother's best friend, millionaire Jin Zhang for ever. So jumps at the chance when he offers Mimi a job and the chance to become his bride! Jin is used to guarding his heart, so what will happen to their fake marriage when Jin discovers Mimi's secret? Cooking Up Romanceby Lynne Marsha...

Cover of Fake

Fake by Kylie Scott

Published 18 May 2021


Cover of Second-Chance Sweet Shop

A secret, a deal... ...a New York wedding! Fashion designer Mimi's been in love with her brother's best friend, millionaire Jin Zhang for ever. So jumps at the chance when he offers Mimi a job and the chance to become his bride! Jin is used to guarding his heart, so what will happen to their fake marriage when Jin discovers Mimi's secret?

Cover of Under His Touch

Amber Dolors knows better than to get involved with her boss. Devastatingly handsome in his sharp suits and sexy beyond belief, he possesses an air of command that fuels her darkest fantasies. But she's worked too hard to get this job, and keeping it will lead to a brilliant future. She won't cross that line—even if his way of giving orders and demanding her best performance gives her delicious warm shivers.Alexander Knight prides himself on his integrity and self-discipline. After all, he hasn'...

Cover of Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna

Published 2 October 2018


Cover of One Night With Her Millionaire Boss / The Texan Tries Again

One Night with Her Millionaire Boss by Kandy Shepherd Always the groomsman, never the groom... ...until one night changes everything. Ned Hudson is ready to settle down, and even has a "wife wish-list" why can't he get city-girl Freya Delaney off his mind? When Freya arrives to photograph his historic home, sparks fly. And after one night of passion has unintended consequences, he might just fin...

Cover of The Boys' Club

The Boys' Club by Erica Katz

Published 4 August 2020


They made the rules. She's going to break them. When Alex Vogel gets a new job working at a corporate Manhattan law firm, she thinks all her dreams have come true. The pay checks are huge, the work is exciting, and the drinks are flowing every Friday night. But underneath the glossy veneer of the company, dark secrets are lurking. Her colleagues disappear into the bathroom for hits of cocaine, the partners sleep under their desks (if they sleep at all) and the firm's biggest client sexually ha...

Cover of One Autumn Proposal

Marry me? Nurse Cassidy Rae love Christmas! Unlike new Registrar Brad Donovan who hates Christmas and is severely testing Cassidy's goodwill to all men. But in the festive season miracles can happen, and Brad's about to give Cassidy a Yuletide to remember... Faith Dustin wants peace and quiet for Christmas. But with her busy ranch all that keeps Faith going is her helpful neighbour, Chase Brannon. He's always been her faithful friend. Until he kisses her under the...

Cover of The Hating Game

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Published 9 August 2016


'The next Sophie Kinsella.' Bustle 'Charming, self-deprecating, quick-witted and funny.' The New York TimesNEMESIS (n) 1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome2) A person's undoing3) Joshua TemplemanLucy Hutton, professional 'nice girl', prides herself on being loved by everyone at work - except for imposing, impeccably attired Joshua Templeman. Trapped together in the world's shiniest shared office, they've become entrenched in an addictive rivalry. There's the Staring Ga...

Cover of Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire by Linda Howard

Published 31 May 1993


Jillian Sherwood, an archaeologist on the verge of uncovering a fabulous lost Amazon city, faces off with Ben Lewis, the number-one river guide in Brazil.

Cover of Spellbound By The Single Dad

Enchanted by their new little family! Discovering he's the father of an orphaned newborn rocks Liam Hawke's world. But that's where nanny Jenna Peters fits in-a single mother herself, she immediately works her magic on his newborn daughter. Soon Liam can't resist being spellbound by this beauty.*Single dad Dr Sam Marcus is facing every parent's worst nightmare. His adorable son Dani is sick and Andrea Rimmer is the only woman who can help! Can he prove to Andrea that she's t...

Cover of A Silver Lining: A Classic Romance Set in Edinburgh During the Second World War

When Jinny Hendrie's love leaves Edinburgh to fight in the Second World War, she faces an uncertain future. Do even the darkest clouds have silver linings? 1937, Edinburgh. Attractive, dark-eyed Jinny Hendrie is happy enough in her job in the accounts office of a large bakery - until handsome Viennese cake expert Viktor Linden walks into her life with the promise of an exciting future. Although her father and her kind-hearted boss, Ross MacBain, warn against it, Jinny is determined to marry Vikt...

Cover of Mistresses: Mistress Of Convenience

His Heart's Desire Billionaire tycoon Loukas Christakis doesn't trust women. So when Belle Andersen comes to work on his island she is an unexpected temptation. But what starts out as a convenient, short term affair, ends up with very real consequences...*After an extraordinarily passionate night together, Michael Medici wants more from Bella St. Clair. Too bad he'd just acquired her family's business-and she despises him. So Michael makes an offer: Become his m...

Cover of Finding Home

Finding Home by Lauren Westwood

Published 1 April 2016


If you save a crumbling mansion, will it mend a broken heart? Feel-good, warm and romantic, FINDING HOME is perfect for fans of Carole Matthews and Milly Johnson. A month ago, Amy Wood had her perfect home, her perfect boyfriend and her perfect job in London. Now she's broken-hearted, living in her parents' tiny bungalow, and working in a local estate agents in Bath. At least her new job keeps her busy. Rosemont Hall is a crumbling mansion riddled with woodworm, dry rot - and secrets. As A...

Cover of How to Get a (Love) Life

How to Get a (Love) Life by Rosie Blake

Published 29 January 2014


The dates in How To Get a (Love) Life can be excruciatingly awkward, but they're hilarious... a great read. - Hello MagazineNicola Brown doesn't like to lose control. Her flat is always meticulously tidy and her weekly meals carefully planned; Nicola keeps her life in order. When her carefree colleague Caroline challenges Nicola to find a date for Valentine's Day, it's a surprise to them both when Nicola agrees.As Nicola's search for a man begins, she is thrown in at the deep end - sometimes qui...

Cover of Under His Touch

Under His Touch by Cathryn Fox

Published 23 January 2020


Make him a match... or make him mine? Find Alec Carson a wife. It should be easy-he's Manhattan's most eligible bachelor, and a dishy, ultra-fit billionaire. But after he stole my virginity eight years ago, I know who the real Alec Carson is. Only that sparking, electric thing between us is still there. Still waiting. Deliciously hot sex is definitely my first mistake. But falling for him again might just be catastrophic...