Our Encounters with Evil: Adventures of Professor J.T. Meinhardt and His Assistant Mr. Knox

by Mike Mignola and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

Warwick Johnson Cadwell (Illustrator)

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Book cover for Our Encounters with Evil

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Mr. Higgins was just the beginning!

Follow Professor J.T. Meinhardt and Mr. Knox as they continue their pursuit of ne'er-do-well creatures of the night! Backed by the dauntless vampire hunter Ms. Mary Van Sloan, the heroes of Mr. Higgins Comes Home pursue vampires, werewolves, and other horrors that even they are hard-put to name or explain. The only thing that's for certain is that the strange truths these adventurers uncover are seldom what they seem.

From the horror-genius minds of Mike Mignola and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell comes the next installment of endearingly terrifying tales from Meinhardt, Knox, and Van Sloan. Set against the detailed and stylized background of Johnson-Cadwell's art, these stories are a striking continuation of daring occult adventure! Grab some garlic and silver bullets, and settle in for a thrilling read!
  • ISBN10 1506711669
  • ISBN13 9781506711669
  • Publish Date 26 November 2019
  • Publish Status Out of Stock
  • Out of Print 2 March 2023
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Dark Horse Comics,U.S.