Cover of Garfield Gets in a Pickle

TROUBLE ON THE LOOSE!   Garfield, the furry desperado, is at large again in this most-wanted collection of comics. Whether he’s getting in a pickle or a jam, when it comes to trouble, the fat cat is always a glutton for punishment!

Cover of Fence: Rivals

Fence: Rivals (Fence, Books 13-16) by C. S. Pacat

Published 25 June 2020

Young Adult

FOILED AGAIN? Just as Nicholas, Seiji and the fencing team at the prodigious Kings Row private school seem to be coming together, a deadly rival from their past stands in their way once more. MacRobertson is the school that knocked Kings Row out of the State Championships last year - but unless Nicholas and Seiji can learn to work together as a team, their school is doomed once again! And maybe those two can learn to be something more than teammates too... For the first time, best-selling n...

Cover of Rasetsu, Vol. 8

A Supernatural Spin-off of Yurara! Rasetsu Hyuga works for an exorcist agency where she uses her special powers to banish evil spirits. There's a story behind the red flower mark on her chest though--it's a memento left by a powerful spirit who vowed to claim her on her 20th birthday. Unless Rasetsu can find true love by then, she is fated to become his... Rasetsu's entire body becomes covered with rose marks as her curse overwhelms her! Can true love really save her, especially when Yako meet...

Cover of The Clockwork Sky

The Clockwork Sky by Madeleine Rosca

Published 21 September 2012


London, 1895: Riots in the streets! Erasmus Croach's miraculous factory, Ember, has flooded London with steampowered automatons. The already suffering working class take to the streets to protest the jobs lost to these machines, and to quell the riot, Captain Thorn of Scotland Yard calls in Ember's latest and greatest creation, the automatic police boy, Sky! Meanwhile, Sally Peppers, Croach's headstrong and brilliant niece, dreams of a life beyond manners and marriageability. When she escapes he...

Cover of Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis by MR Franz Kafka

Published 1 January 1915


Cover of Corona Odyssee

Corona Odyssee by Sunhild Sauck

Published 27 December 2020


Cover of One Piece (Omnibus Edition), Vol. 4

High jinx on the high seas! Buy three volumes of One Piecefor the price of two. Follow the beginning of Luffy's search for the greatest treasure in the world... As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming the King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like the cost of never being able to swim again! Now Luffy, with the help of a motley collection of pirate wannabes, is setting off in search of the "One Piece," said to be the greates...

Cover of Wings Comics # 124

Wings Comics # 124 by Fiction House

Published 15 November 2016


Cover of Geronimo #1

Geronimo #1 by Avon Periodicals

Published 20 August 2017


Cover of Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Omnibus Volume 4

Don't say "crazy"! The campus culture festival is coming up for the students of Class 2-A, and in manga that means not only cosplay, but starting an all-girl band! But what are they supposed to do about the fact that the keyboardist, Shinji, isn't, um, a girl? Well, that's when it's time for a little crossplay! Contains bonus color pages! Evangelion 3.33 movie now available from Funimation! The Shinji Ikari Raising Project ran for 18 volumes in Japan--more than the original series!

Cover of Noble Causes Volume 8: Star Crossed

Noble Causes Volume 8: Star Crossed by Jay Faerber

Published 30 December 2008


The lives of the Nobles and the Blackthornies continue to interwine as Zepher Noble and Slate Blackthorne enter into a secret affair, and the terminally ill Kitty Blackthorne makes an unthinkable request of Celeste. Collects Noble Causes #26-31.

Cover of One Fine Day, Vol. 3

One Fine Day, Vol. 3 by Sirial

Published 12 October 2010


Nanai, Guru, and Rang have had their share of fun living with No-Ah in his magical house, but life isn't always strawberries and cream - it's all kinds of experiences sifted together. Often it is the bitter memories that make happy times taste even sweeter. Enjoy a third helping of heartwarming stories in the final volume of One Fine Day!

Cover of Emma, Vol. 2

Emma, Vol. 2 (Emma, #2) by Kaoru Mori

Published 1 December 2006


Not wishing to cause a scandal within the Joneses' household, Emma chooses to make a clean break from her old life and takes a train to the sea. As chance would have it, Emma finds herself sharing a car with another maid, one who serves at a large manor in the country. A big house bustling with servants seems an ideal place in which to move forward after losing her mistress and leaving her love back in London. Learning the precise dance of domestic service in her new environment is a welcome cha...