Incoming! An Angry Robot 2019 Sampler

by Wesley Chu, Darius Hinks, Dan Moren, Kameron Hurley, Anna Kashina, and Ada Hoffmann

Argh! Nottingham (Cover Designer)

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Book cover for Incoming! An Angry Robot 2019 Sampler

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Featuring the first three chapters from six incredible SFF novels released in 2019.

The Fall of Io by Wesley Chu: the superb aliens-in-your-head SF sequel to the wildly popular The Rise of Io, by the author of The Lives of Tao series.

The Ingenious by Darius Hinks: the squalid, bloody tale of desperate political exiles seeking a way home from the impossible city that imprisons them.

The Bayern Agenda by Dan Moren: a new Cold War threatens the galaxy, in this fast-paced and wisecracking thriller of spies and subterfuge.

The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley: soldiers are broken into light and sent to the frontline of a brutal interplanetary war, in this brilliant military SF from the Hugo Award­­-winning author of The Stars Are Legion.

Shadowblade by Anna Kashina: a young sword prodigy must impersonate a lost princess and throw her life into a deadly political game, in this kinetic epic fantasy novel by the author of the award-winning Majat Code series.

The Outside by Ada Hoffman: humanity’s super-intelligent AI gods brutally punish breaches in reality, as one young scientist discovers, in this intense and brilliant space opera.

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  • ISBN13 9780857668332
  • Publish Date 4 December 2018
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Angry Robot
  • Edition New edition
  • Format eBook (EPUB)
  • Pages 250
  • Language English