Superman: The Atomic Age Sundays Volume 1 (1949-1953) (Superman Atomic Age Sundays, #1)

by Alvin Schwartz

Wayne Boring (Illustrator)

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Book cover for Superman: The Atomic Age Sundays Volume 1 (1949-1953)

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These never-before-reprinted 1950's Sundays are a special treat for Superman fans and comics historians worldwide. This first book of the Atomic Age Sundays features more than 175 full-color strips, from October 23, 1949 through March 15, 1953. In these tales, the impish Mr. Mxyztplk has returned to drive Superman crazy and the Man of Steel returns to Smallville for "Superboy Week" celebrations and ends up solving a case he never had a chance to as Superboy! The Man of Steel also travels back in time and gets embroiled in political intrigue in the court of King Arthur, and then fights off an alien invasion of Earth!
  • ISBN10 1631402625
  • ISBN13 9781631402623
  • Publish Date 28 July 2015
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  • Out of Print 15 November 2021
  • Publish Country US
  • Publisher Idea & Design Works
  • Imprint Library of American Comics