Watch That Witch! #5 (Princess Pulverizer, #5)

by Nancy Krulik

Justin Rodrigues (Illustrator)

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Book cover for Watch That Witch! #5

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When Princess Pulverizer comes across two identical witches - one good and one bad - it's the evil one she finds most enchanting. That's because the impatient princess is ready to end her Quest of Kindness and finally become a knight, which is just what the bad witch offers. Can Princess Pulverizer's friends break the spell that seems to have taken hold of her?
  • ISBN10 1524790923
  • ISBN13 9781524790929
  • Publish Date 15 January 2019
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Publisher Penguin Putnam Inc
  • Imprint Penguin Workshop