One Snowy Night: A Heartbreaker Bay Christmas Novella (Heartbreaker Bay, #2.5)

by Jill Shalvis

3.44 of 5 stars 8 ratings • 7 reviews • 10 shelved
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One Snowy Night: A Heartbreaker Bay Christmas Novella (Heartbreaker Bay, #2.5)

by Jill Shalvis

3.44 of 5 stars 8 ratings • 7 reviews • 10 shelved
  • ISBN10 0062463578
  • ISBN13 9780062463579
  • Publish Date 1 November 2016
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Avon Books
  • Format Paperback (US Mass Market)
  • Pages 160
  • Language English


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One Snowy Night is a quick little Heartbreaker Bay Christmas themed novella that definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. Jill Shalvis delivered another book that I enjoyed reading because of the characters and storyline. I’ve grown fond of this series and definitely want to keep reading it back to back before the next book comes out soon. I only wish One Snowy Night would’ve been a longer story though. I wanted more of Rory, Max, and Max’s dog Carl, especially Carl. 🙂

Rory is trying to make it home for Christmas with her family and Max promised to get her home on time for Christmas. Unfortunately, a snowstorm derails them getting there, but it does get Rory and Max together to share their true feelings with each other. Rory and Max have been dealing with an issue with each other since they were teenagers. They also have a lot of lust towards each other, but are afraid to admit it. Let’s just say there’s quite a bit of tension between these two and when they finally get close to each other it’s definitely steamy.

Overall, this novella was great to read, but everything happened so fast at the end between Max and Rory. There also was Rory’s family and how their relationship was so rocky, but then all was forgiven. I would’ve liked Rory’s and Max’s story to be a full length novel. I’m glad though they were both introduced in The Trouble with Mistletoe because I definitely liked to getting to know them a bit before One Snowy Night. I’m also glad that at least I’ll get more of them in the next books in the series.

I give this book 3.5 stars and highly recommend this novella and the series to Contemporary Romance readers out there. Christmas may be over with, but this novella will definitely get you back in the spirit again and let’s not forget the previous book that also is Christmas themed.

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I don't normally read novellas, because they always leave me wanting more, but I love Shalvis and the fine folk of Heartbreaker Bay so much, I just had to read it. Shalvis did such a good job planting the seeds for this relationship in the previous book, and I really wanted to get all the details on Rory and Max. This book had all the things that I love: a sort of second chance romance, atonement/forgiveness, sweet, and schmexy. I really enjoyed watching these two work through their past and plan their future.

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“One Snowy Night” by Jill Shalvis is book # 2.5 in the Heartbreaker series. It can be read as a stand-alone, however, it should be noted that this story is about characters who have been featured in the previous books in the series.I have been following the Heartbreaker series from the start, so I was happy to know that Rory and Max would be getting their story. When I realised that this would be a novella, I was a bit wary. Why? Well with novellas the stories are generally short and at times you may find that events are not satisfactorily wrapped up. That being said, I decided to take my chances, after all, it's Max and Rory’s story.From reading the previous books in the series, I recognized that these two were attracted to each other, but never once did they act on it. The reason for this became clear in “One Snowy Night” Not only did these two have chemistry they also had a history which dated back to their high school years. Rory had no clue that Max blamed her for ruining his life back then. Now with a little interference from well-intentioned friends, these two find themselves travelling together as they return home for the Christmas. They now have the opportunity to confront the past and in the process heal old wounds.I enjoyed the intense interaction between the characters. It was great learning about their pasts which assisted me in getting to know and understand them better. It was fun watching them coming to terms with the issues of the past and starting a new chapter in their lives.Despite the length, I enjoyed this installment. (The book ended at about 59%. The rest of the book is excerpts from the other books in the series.) It was fun, sweet and entertaining. All in all, it was a great addition to the series. That being said, just as I feared the ending was not satisfactorily wrapped up. I wished that more details were provided as it relates to Rory’ relationship with her family and Max. It ended rather quickly for my liking.If you are looking for a quick, funny and entertaining read “One Snowy Night” will do the trick.

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I've been intrigued by Rory's story since I met her in The Trouble with Mistletoe. She was presented as someone who had a tough past and because of it, she wouldn't allow herself to feel anything for Max or seem to trust anyone. In this story, it kind of felt like the opposite: Max wouldn't trust her and Rory was kind of trusting and wanting to get to know more of Max. I found that slightly odd, but I was still excited to read their story.

I always thought Max had a thing for Rory. And while he does, he also hasn't forgiven her for what she cost him back in high school. I was surprised at the turn of events this caused, although I expected Rory's story to be darker as it had been portrayed before. But it was sweet how they found forgiveness.

He knew damn well she was smart as hell, she was resourceful, a survivor... She was a lot of things, but sweet wasn't one of them.

The romance was really sweet, which I loved, but I felt like I barely had time to feel happy for them because the story ended. I get this is a novella, but this was shorter than a novella in my opinion. It left me wondering if Max and Rory would last. And there were holes regarding Rory's family and Christmas. I was eager to read about it since it was kind of the point of the story: for Rory to make it to her family's house by Christmas and then the book ended. I felt robbed and it just felt like a rushed story. Again, I know this is a novella, but I've read novellas that give a whole story without leaving things out or leave you out of the loop.

Overall, One Snowy Night was really sweet and cute, but it left me disappointed with the abrupt ending.

I received this eARC from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This review was originally posted on Latte Nights Reviews.

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There are two sides to this story...

Well, that was short and sweet. I've wanted Rory's story since reading the last instalment of the Heartbreaker Bay series, The Trouble with Mistletoe. She's a tough cookie who ran away from home at 17 and has survived a traumatic experience. Luckily, that traumatic experience also landed her in the path of Willa (heroine from The Trouble with Mistletoe) who gave her a job and a wee bit of hope. Rory's job put her in a position where she has come face to face with her past.

Max and his dog Carl make a regular trip to South Bark Mutt Shop for Carl to get groomed. Now, Carl's a Doberman and doesn't really need a weekly grooming but Max can't stop. He's got it BAD for the groomer. Max has known Rory for years but a decision she made rocked his whole world in a bad way. Doesn't seem to stop him wanting her, though.

It's Christmas and both Rory and Max have plans to return home to Tahoe to visit family. When Max finds out from Willa that Rory was planning to take the bus, he jumps at the chance to drive her. At first things are a little strained but they eventually talk and get things sorted.

One Snowy Night was a cute little novella that packed a punch. I'm glad I got to see Rory all sorted out and that Max was the one to help with that.

Most of my thoughts and feelings were positive (no surprise there as it is a Jill Shalvis) but I did struggle with a couple of things. I probably didn't need to see him have his friend (with benefits) wish him a Merry Christmas. Let's just say she was a wee bit exuberant. Also, I know it's a novella and there's a lot to cover in a short story, but I can't help but roll my eyes a little when the L word gets mentioned. I swear I roll my eyes every bloody time but deep down I do love the insta-lust/love that sometimes happen.

It was all good...I just wished it was longer. I love the Heartbreaker Bay series and I can't wait for Accidentally On Purpose.

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One Snowy Night was short and sweet, but perfect for fans who have been watching the crazy attraction between Rory and Max. The two have never dated but attended high school together, and there is a history. Neither is willing to open up or take a chance, but their attraction is blatantly obvious to their circle of friends. A little meddling has Max giving Rory a lift back home for Christmas.

Mix in an adorable dog, a snow storm and close quarters and you have the makings for romance. I had fun with this story and thought it was an excellent edition. As always I would have preferred a full-length novel. This isn't quite the 160 pages I expected. On my Kindle, it ended around page 80 and included a sneak peek at Accidently On Purpose. Still, I think it will please fans who wanted to see this couple find some happy. I enjoyed getting to know the history behind the two of them and seeing things come together. We get a little heat and heart to leave you smiling. I do wish the story had a more detailed ending as this felt abrupt. Hopefully, we will continue to see their relationship develop in the other books.

While this could have been more if it was a full-length novel, and I missed some of the magic that comes with the slower build I honestly had a good time with this

If you love animals, friends, that are close, you will enjoy reading the Heartbreakers Bay series and seeing these characters fall. Shalvis delivers heat and heart warming magic.

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Linda 3 of 5 stars
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One Snowy Night is a short novella in the Heartbreaker Bay series, featuring Rory and Max, and there is hotness, romance, cold, ice and doubts from a past event coming to the surface.

While I enjoyed One Snowy Night, I was sad it was so short, as I think Rory and Max could hold up a full length novel with their story. And because it was short, only the span of a night and morning, and it was spent on the road, I missed all their friends! One of the things I love the most in a Shalvis story is the amazing friendships and funny banter.

It was clear in the prior Heartbreaker Bay novels that Max and Rory had chemistry, what wasn't clear, however was that they had history. Because they both kept that to themselves, thinking the other had done something close to unforgivable. When they had to spend time together in the car, they were finally able to discuss what had happened years earlier, and the consequences which they still felt in the present.

If you're not familiar with this series, I think you'd be confused with this novealla, as the character development is slight. But because I had already met Rory and Max, I did know some of their quirks, so I was good to go. Written in third person present tense, the omniscient narrator worked well for me, as there were plenty of dialogues as well.

As always when their gazes locked, Max's was a disconcerting mix of heat and... something else that she couldn't quite figure out, as he was good at hiding when he wanted to be. She never quite knew how to take the heat because it seemed reluctant. He was attracted to her but didn't want to be.

As she passed through, their bodies brushed together, his hard as stone and yet somehow also deliciously warm, and hers... softened. There was no other word for it.