by Matthew J. Kirby

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Book cover for Icefall

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"Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery, Icefall has palace intrigue, plot twists, and fantasy worthy of a Game of Thrones plot, but with content appropriate for an advanced pre-teen reader." - Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

Trapped in a hidden fortress tucked between towering mountains and a frozen sea, Solveig, along with her brother the crown prince, their older sister, and an army of restless warriors, anxiously awaits news of her father's victory at battle. But as winter stretches on, and the unending ice refuses to break, terrible acts of treachery soon make it clear that a traitor lurks in their midst. A malevolent air begins to seep through the fortress walls, as a smothering claustrophobia slowly turns these prisoners of winter against one another.

Those charged with protecting the king's children are all suspect, and the siblings must choose their allies wisely. But who can be trusted so far from their father's watchful eye? Can Solveig survive the long winter months and expose the traitor before he manages to destroy a kingdom?

  • ISBN13 9780545274241
  • Publish Date 1 October 2011
  • Publish Status Out of Stock
  • Out of Print 4 February 2017
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Scholastic US
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 336
  • Language English