Superman: The Golden Age Sundays 1946-1949 (Superman Golden Age Sundays, #2)

by Alvin Schwartz and Jerry Siegel

Wayne Boring (Illustrator)

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Book cover for Superman: The Golden Age Sundays 1946-1949

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This second book in the Superman Sundays series collects nearly 170 sequential Sunday pages that have never been reprinted. These classic comics, beginning August 11, 1946 and continuing through October 16, 1949, fill another major gap in the Superman mythos.

In a full eighteen adventures, Superman’s travels take him around the globe, as well as through time and space. The Man of Steel solves the case of the Curiosity Crimes, becomes a rival for Cleopatra’s affections in ancient Egypt, is exposed to radiation that turns him into Superbabe, battles a prehistoric animal called a “Paleomatzoball” (!), reprises the “Superman's Service to Servicemen” series with a couple of good deeds for veterans, encounters an ancient civilization in the lost valley of Ru, meets up with Angus the talking dog, and to top it all off, witnesses Lois marrying Clark Kent—or does he?! It’s classic Superman fun written by Jerry Siegel and Alvin Schwartz, and drawn by Wayne Boring.
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