SCOTT DRAKEFORD was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He currently lives in the PNW with his badass tech wizard of a wife, their tenacious children, and two dogs.

Scott is a longtime lover of the written word, especially fantasy fiction. His father convinced him to read The Belgariad as a youngster, and the best books soon became Scott's world. The Wheel of Time, Harry Potter, The Saga of Recluce, and many other books influenced Scott deeply. Later, he was tricked into becoming a "responsible adult", getting a degree in engineering, and living the corporate life. Still, his addiction to books lived on, and more recent favorites like The Name of the Wind and Red Rising convinced him that writing could be his way of contributing something beautiful and meaningful to the world.

While Scott spends most of his time working and writing, when he has time he enjoys cooking, NBA basketball (go Jazz!), weightlifting, video games, hunting, fishing, and (of course) reading.