James Barclay is the author of the Chronicles of the Raven and Legends of the Raven series, which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The Raven saga came to a conclusion with the stunning Ravensoul.

He also penned the epic fantasy duology The Ascendants of Estorea and completed an Elves trilogy: Elves: Once Walked With Gods, Elves: Rise of the Tai'Gethen and Elves: Beyond the Mists of Katura.

James Barclay lives in Teddington with his wife and two children.

Find out more on his website, www.jamesbarclay.com, or follow @barculator on Twitter.

Oct 31, 2013
Cover of Legends


Sep 7, 2010
Cover of Gin Pahit

Gin Pahit

Sep 1, 2008
Cover of Vault of Deeds

Vault of Deeds

Sep 10, 2005
Cover of Always a Bigot

Always a Bigot

Mar 30, 2003
Cover of Light Stealer

Light Stealer

Mar 1, 2002
Cover of Nippon Aboot

Nippon Aboot